Clutter Clutter Everywhere


How much stuff do you really need to be happy? I spent my Saturday afternoon at a gigantic flea market in Denver called the Mile High Marketplace. This market was so large that it had street signs and was set up like a miniature town to make it easier to find your way around!!  

Right off the bat I noticed that there were only about 5 different kinds of booths: hats, boots, clothes, furniture, “antiques.” However, there were hundreds of booths total! It got me thinking…how much stuff does one person really need? Will I be happy if I buy that $2 plain, blue baseball hat? Or what about this broken, worn down kitchen table? Will cheaply made clothes and sunglasses fill some kind of void in my life? At what point do we wake up and find ourselves surrounded by meaningless junk and realize it is interfering with our life?

I am not talking about hoarding – that is a serious disorder. I am talking about the day to day clutter we seem to accumulate in our consumer driven society. I can’t begin to count how many times in the past few years I have done a thorough “spring cleaning” and stripped drawers, closets, and corners of extra junk that was either thrown away or donated. And yet, just a few months later it seems that I have accumulated enough new stuff to start the process again! I don’t even remember shopping or picking most of it up either!

I have heard that cluttered surroundings equal a cluttered mind. I have found this to be true in my own life and I am sure that you have as well, which brings me to something that has been bothering me for over two months now. I call it my “room of shame.” At the beginning of March, I packed up our entire apartment and moved and set up a whole new home (my husband is currently in Afghanistan, so I really did it all). By the end of the move I was so tired that I simply could not open one more box. And so…a collection started to form in our guest room…and it has sat untouched ever since. I cringe when I walk by and see it. It feels like my unfinished business. Somehow, over two months have gone by and everything is still there. In fact, this stuff is like its own black hole – it just accumulates more stuff! I know I will feel so much better once the junk is either thrown away or organized and put into storage. After all, if I haven’t needed it yet what are the chances that I really need it at all?

I encourage you to check your life for any unnecessary clutter. Whether it is in the form of stuff, negative thoughts, or extra weight, we all suffer from some kind of clutter in our lives. Once you acknowledge it and make up your mind to get rid of it, you will feel lighter in every sense of the word.


Room of Shame

Yikes….time to get to cleaning. Spring comes late in Colorado so technically I am right on time!

Alas, the trip this weekend was not a total bust. I got myself a cowboy hat and a shave ice! Something tells me that in the future, this hat will find its way into a new pile of clutter that I will complain about….


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