Get the Funk Out in the Open!

       The first step in dealing with a funk is to get the funk out in the open. You have to know that it is there and take the time to acknowledge it and come up with a plan to help you overcome it. Not everybody deals with funk the same way. Some people can approach it with gusto, get over it and be done with it. For others, a slow, steady and thoughtful approach might work best. For many people (myself included) the best of efforts are often met with multiple highs and lows. Do not let failure derail you.

       So….what is your funk? My funk is simply that I am not feeling my absolute best. I have let this feeling drag on for way too long! It has started to negatively affect my weight, my fitness level, my mood, and even my skin. Once you figure out what exactly your funk entails, it’s time to set a plan in place to overcome it. Firm, attainable goals are a very good way to help keep you on track. Do you want to lose weight, eat healthier, get in shape, or feel better about yourself? My goals are to get back into healthy eating habits and also to get into better shape before August when my husband and I are taking a week long backpacking trip into the San Juan Mountains. I want to be able to keep up with him and enjoy myself while we are out there. I do not want to feel tired and breathless the entire trip!

       Get out some pen and paper and write your goals down as well as how you plan to achieve them. Are you going to start eating better? Will you start working out this week? What do you need to do in order to achieve your goals? I make a new plan every week to help break a bigger goal down into smaller, more manageable goals. For instance, this week I want to eat more vegetables, drink more water, cut out soda, and work out on at least five days. All of these small goals are within my reach. I can control my actions this week in order to accomplish these and in the bigger scheme of things they will also help me reach my long term goal.

       It also helps to share your story with someone else who can keep you accountable and provide moral support when you are not feeling your best. My friend Marguerite and I are constantly sharing recipes, articles, and motivation with each other as we try and reach our goals. Another thing that might help you want to reach your goal is to set rewards for yourself. These should be non-food related ways to really pamper yourself after your hard work. Maybe you could get a manicure or facial. Perhaps some new clothes would help make your hard work pay off. I definitely plan to get a massage after our long trip!

       Remember, things do not always work out as we plan. Changing your life is hard or else you would have done it already! There are bound to be days when you are not feeling your best and you want to give up. Just remember to keep a positive attitude and to focus on the future you want for yourself, not any mistakes you might have made in the past.


You can do it!!!

A positive attitude is key when you are trying to pull yourself out of a funk…more on that next time!

My Best,



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