Feeling the Love

My husband Steven is in Afghanistan and I hate every second of it! He has been gone since the beginning of the year and will be home sometime in July. I cannot believe that it has been 4 ½ months since I have seen him. Earlier this year I was busy with school, going vegan, moving our apartment, and planning a bridal shower for my best friend. Time FLEW by. Now, school is over, the move is done, and the shower is just a memory. Time is standing still. If it is this hard for me, I cannot begin to imagine what life is like for my husband. Fortunately, we are able to speak every day through the magic of the internet and Skype. This definitely has made our separation at least a little tolerable. But no matter how long he is gone, I never stop worrying. Even though I speak to him every morning, I fear for his safety every day. But the good news: he just received word that their return flight is booked to leave Afghanistan July 8th, which means there are only 46 measly days standing between today and his departure date. That’s nothing!

In honor of the 7 weeks left until I see my husband again, here are 7 things that I absolutely love about him!

  1. He is hilarious. And he makes me funnier too! Or at least he laughs at my stupid jokes so I feel a bit funnier.
  2. He is constantly introducing me to new music that I never would have imagined I would like!
  3. He makes me feel safe.
  4. He loves my cooking. I love anybody who loves my cooking!
  5. He has a very big sense of wanderlust. I love his adventurous spirit; it’s contagious.
  6. He never laughs at any of my crazy ideas. Even when I said I wanted to learn the banjo he supported me (and got me one for my birthday!). When I doubt myself, I know that he will be there to tell me that I can do whatever I want.
  7. He pushes me to be a better person. I have changed my life dramatically for the better in the past few years and I really believe that his presence and support were paramount to my success.

I take solace in the fact that when I wake up tomorrow, there will only be 45 days until he comes back home!

My best,



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