A Perfect Weekend

I had the most perfect weekend.

       I ate a “higher raw” diet this weekend. I find that eating more raw foods makes me feel full of life and energy. There were cooked foods here and there (the chickpeas in my hummus, pita bread) but for the most part I enjoyed fresh raw fruits and veggies all weekend long. I spend Saturday morning with my volunteer group and had dinner with my brother-in-law Saturday evening. Colorado evenings are the most perfect thing; I have really been enjoying eating my dinners outside on my new patio set!

Some great things that happened this weekend:

I learned how to french braid my own hair!


My husband sent me this beautiful jewelry from Afghanistan. He is the best gift giver in the world; I seriously would have picked this out myself! It matches my sapphire engagement ring perfectly.


I cut open the best watermelon I have had yet this season (hey, it’s the simple things in life)


Made some Cranberry-Apple Raw Granola  (recipe at choosingraw)

Sunday morning started bright and early with this delicious honeydew slushie.


Just blend honeydew and ice, it’s that easy! I also make watermelon slushies this way.


My friend Noel and I went for a workout in the park (we decided against going to Red Rocks to save time).

       It was a beautiful and quiet morning in the park, glad we went early because it is going to be a scorcher today! More legs today (I am all about the legs), with some challenging arm moves and the Whittle My Middle exercises from Angela at OhSheGlows. Followed up by some sweaty cardio down the park paths. Post workout, I enjoyed another Strawberry Recovery Smoothie.

       Since my morning was rather fruit heavy I wanted to pack in the veggies at lunch today. I am still doing higher raw so I decided to make some delicious Thai Veggie Wraps (recipe coming soon). Now I need to head to the store to stock up on groceries for the week. All in all I would call this a VERY successful weekend, I can head into Monday feeling fully recharged. I hope everyone enjoys the last bit of the weekend.

My Best,



How to french braid your own hair: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/beauty/how-to-french-braid-your-hair-for-summer-video-2491708/

Choosing Raw “Grawnola”: http://www.choosingraw.com/the-only-raw-vegan-granola-recipe-youll-ever-need/

Whittle My Middle from OhSheGlows: http://ohsheglows.com/2011/06/02/know-your-roots-salad-june-goals/


4 thoughts on “A Perfect Weekend

  1. I felt great this weekend too! I love working out with you and I’m so glad you know how to pick such good workouts cause I am no good at that. My butt hurts today, wooo hooo!!!!

    • Great! I did some pilates this morning. I would really suggest adding a day of pilates or yoga in addition to our regular routines to help stretch and lengthen the muscles we are working so hard!!!

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