4th of July

I had a wonderful extended holiday weekend!


My Forks Over Knives Companion Book came in (if you can’t see the documentary I would suggest this book).

My tomatoes are coming in, I can’t wait!

 Got free tickets to a Rockies baseball game!

 There were some great fireworks after the game. It was the best show I have ever seen!

I spent Sunday on a hike outside of Boulder. There were a ton of people because of the holiday weekend, but it was a fun and quick little getaway.

We brought a delicious and healthy picnic with us!


I spent the actual 4th of July doing some grocery shopping and prep work for the week ahead. It is supposed to be hot hot hot, so I am planning lots of smoothies, blended soups, and salads. No sense in heating up the kitchen to cook anything! I also spent some time with my husband’s cousin and his wife. Jen and I did some great holiday shopping (everything I got was at least 65% off!) and then we enjoyed hummus soup, pita, and fresh veggies. Who says holiday foods have to be greasy and heavy?? Off to get some beauty rest. I have a 4 day workweek this week and a 3 day workweek next week then my husband will be home! Here’s to hoping time goes by very quickly.

I hope everybody had a happy and safe holiday.


My best,




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