Hydrating Smoothie

Summertime equals high temperatures and extra sweat! Even if you don’t notice  it, your body is constantly perspiring and in the summertime when the weather is hotter you need to be extra conscious of fluid intake. This is especially true in Colorado; the high altitude and dry climate tends to dehydrate our bodies more quickly and this can lead to pounding headaches (if you have ever visited Colorado you might have experienced this in the first few days of your trip).

Adequate hydration is also instrumental to weight loss. Did you know that the fat you break down and lose during exercise and dieting comes out in your sweat and urine?? And because fat is not water-soluble, it needs plenty of fluid to act as a medium so it can evacuate the body. I learned this a few years ago when I worked out at Curves and I have made sure to get my water in ever since!!

This delicious smoothie is filled with water-packed produce. Romaine, watermelon, and cucumber are some of the most water dense vegetables and fruits out there! I promise that this smoothie is really tasty, if a bit scary looking. All of my smoothies lately have come out this weird brown/green color, but they all taste fresh and amazing! Must be the chia and flax seeds I have been throwing in.

Hydrating and Refreshing Smoothie


  • Head of Romain lettuce, cleaned and chopped into smaller pieces
  • Watermelon, chunked
  • Cucumber, peeled
  • Handful of frozen cranberries
  • Juice of a lemon or lime
  • 1/4 cup chia seeds, soaked
  • Water and Ice as needed


Blend the first six ingredients together in a high-speed blender (preferably in that order, or at least the romaine first). Add water or ice if needed. This makes a lot of smoothie so either share with friends or refrigerate leftovers.

In other news, I am getting faster! It’s not by much but it’s a big deal for me. I ran my first 2 training miles in around 18:36 I believe and Thursday I ran my 2 training miles in 17:35!

I am very excited to be improving on my pace. However, sometime during our bootcamp workout (I’m thinking during curtsy lunges) I did something funny to my hip and it’s hurting a bit today. I really hope that the pain subsides by tomorrow because I am looking forward to a good workout. I am going to be spending the weekend getting things ready for my trip to Arkansas next week and for my husband’s return from Afghanistan shortly after that! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

My Best,


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