Bye Bye Diet Dr. Pepper – Quitting the Soda Habit for Good

I have a problem. And its name is diet soda.

You can read about the negative effects of diet soda everywhere these days! Just look here or here or here or here and the list goes on. In fact, when I simply Googled “diet soda” all but 1 of the results were articles on its negative health consequences. Yikes! As someone who reads voraciously on any and all things health related, I have read these articles and seen this information before. And I still drink diet soda. I want to quit, but I am still drinking it. I know how bad it is for me, but I am STILL DRINKING IT!

I quit drinking alcohol almost a year and a half ago. I gave up meat, dairy, and eggs a little over six months ago (which means I have given up real pizza!). Then there was that time that I gave up added sugars for a month. So what is it about this can of chemicals that I just cannot say no to?? It actually scares me that this beverage has such a hold on me; something that is so inherently addicting cannot be good for you.

So I am declaring here publicly today (yes, more than just my mom reads my blog now) that I am going to kick the diet soda habit once and for all! Starting today tomorrow, I will step away from the shiny can and chose a healthier beverage option instead.

I have tried to quit drinking diet soda many times. I have even succeeded for about 6 weeks before the nasty habit kicked back in. This weekend I am going to focus on water, water, water! I am going to brave the caffeine/soda withdrawal headaches and realize that anything that gives me a headache and makes me grumpy after I quit it, cannot be doing good things to my body. I don’t keep diet soda in the house so at least I will not be tempted there. I just took what was remaining of my last 12 pack of diet Dr Pepper and put it in the common area at my office with a “for everyone” sign. Now it is just time to sit back and suck it up. I can do this. I need to do this. I want to do this. 

Have any of you ever quit the soda habit for good? If so, do you have any pointers for me??? 

Have a great weekend!

My Best,



12 thoughts on “Bye Bye Diet Dr. Pepper – Quitting the Soda Habit for Good

  1. The caffeine headaches are always what keep me going back to the soda (diet when I’m being good). But I find that if I have a pitcher of black iced tea around with a little bit of lemon that I’ll choose that – that’s a least a little better right?!?

    • I have never had black tea! Maybe I should try it soon. I love unsweetened iced-tea so that is a definite substitute for the diet soda. I don’t worry about the caffeine so much as the chemicals and junk in the soda.

  2. I kicked the soda habit long ago- quite a few years ago I made it a ‘new year resolution’ and it just stuck! (PS: I love resolutions!) I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had sip it! The only things I drink are coffee or tea in the mornings, then it’s water all day long.

    You will be able to this because your body WANTS you to do it. You are going to feel SO MUCH BETTER! No doubt about it. Good luck!

    • I am ready to be done with it. It honestly is my worst habit. People make fun of me for taking the time to make and drink green juice when i just chase it with diet coke! Hahaha. I know that it will be tough for a couple of days but I’m really busy this weekend so hopefully I won’t even notice.

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