A Tribute to Reeses Pieces

Yesterday my beloved cat Reeses Pieces passed away due to complications from feline diabetes.

Reeses Pieces was different from any other cat out there. Instead of spending his days napping and ignoring us, he would hang out and follow us around the house just to see what we were doing. Morning was the most special time because he and I would just hang out while I got ready for work. He was also the sweetest in the morning, mainly because he was waiting to be fed!! Back in January, Reeses Pieces was diagnosed with diabetes. He had an awful health scare that involved diabetic ketoacidosis (his body turned toxic) and it took 3 nights in the animal hospital on fluids to clean out his system. After that, I had to tube feed him for almost 6 weeks as well as give him insulin shots twice a day. I know this sounds like a lot to do to save a cat, but my husband was deployed in Afghanistan at the time and Reeses Pieces was all I had. I always thought that taking care of him really helped me deal with my husband’s deployment because I had something to focus on. Now that I look back, I can see that he was the one taking care of me.

I am forever grateful for the love he gave me. And lemme tell you, that boy loved love. He was always waiting at the door for us to come home just so he could see us, he loved to give out and get kisses, and he was the best snuggler around.

As much as I am saddened by this great loss, I always want to remember the fun and spirited cat he was in his life. And at the risk of coming off as the crazy cat lady I truly am (these are only a fraction of all of the pictures I have of him!), I thought I would share with you some of my most favorite memories of “Ree Pee.”

 *He was the cutest kitten you have ever seen*

*We first thought he was a girl…but how could we when he acted like this?*

(Relaxing with his favorite guy)

(Biggest bully you ever saw)

*He always got a holiday dinner*

(Enjoying Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes)

*He acted more like a dog than a cat*

*He watched over me while my husband was deployed*

*He knew when I was sad and he would snuggle extra long*

*He was such a lazy eater! It cracked me up to see his fat ass laying and eating*

*He had a thousand nicknames and answered to every one*

(my favorites are Pee Moon, The Boy, Moondrow, Grease Pee [not one for bathing] and one that is not appropriate enough to put here!)

*He would always hang out with me while I was working on new blog posts*

*He lived to be adored. And adore him we did (couldn’t you tell!?)*

*He really knew how to relax*

*And how to make me smile*

Reeses Pieces was by far the sweetest and funniest cat I have ever seen. And as sure as I will miss him with all of my heart, I will always make sure to remember the love and laughter he brought into our lives.


5 thoughts on “A Tribute to Reeses Pieces

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  4. It does not “sound a lot to save a cat” – you did all you could. Each and every little animal wants to live. Great pictures, he was so gorgeous! Anyone would be honoured to be able to share their life with such a great pet. RIP little one.

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