Dakota Ridge 5k

Big news: I ran my first 5k race yesterday! It was a last-minute decision (my mother-in-law asked me on Friday night) and I needed a 3 mile run this weekend anyway so I figured why not. The race benefited Dakota Ridge High School’s cross-country track team.

Although I am happy that I participated in the race, I know that I could have done better. I let two things really get into my head: the heat and the hills. I didn’t end up running any faster than my normal runs and because I usually run at 6:00a.m., the sun and the heat of the late morning really got to me. Before the summer became too hot, I was regularly running hill sprints at a park near my house. I realized this weekend that I need to get back to doing these hill runs because I crumble in the face of a hill! Still, I had fun during the run and want to do another 5k soon.

Ready to get going

Crossing the finish

Sweating it up! (I told my husband “I can’t smile for a picture right now I’m way too hot” lol)

My mother-in-law crossing the finish (much better picture!)

Ribbon ceremony

The race was actually 3.25 miles long and I ended up finishing it in 29:03 (I think I was just under 28 minutes at the 3.1 mile mark). Next time I will make sure to run faster than my usual pace!!

After the race, my husband and I met up with our friends and went and saw his favorite band (Yonder Mountain String Band) at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. The concert was fun and long (we tailgaited for 2 hours before the show and were in the concert for 7 hours!).

We didn’t get home until 1:30a.m. and so I elected to be lazy this morning instead of getting in my long run. I know myself and with exercise it’s usually “I do it first thing or it doesn’t happen at all” but I am really hopeful that I will get my run done this evening after it cools down.

 Wish me luck!


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