Quick August Goals Update

August Healthy Living Goals Update

    • Even though one of my main goals this month was to quit drinking diet soda, I did have 1.5 diet cokes this week. Once was at the movies and the other was at a concert. I don’t feel too bad about this and I will focus on not having any this week. (1.5 in a month is better than 1 a day, right?)
    • Overall for August my added sugar intake has been very low. I did indulge in a bit of non-dairy ice cream this week but other than that we have stocked up on a variety of fresh fruit and I am using that to satisfy my sweet tooth.
    • I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should lately. I need to make sure and drink at least 75 ounces a day this week.
    • I have been getting in my runs for the half-marathon training but not my strength training. I took a break from it this past week but plan on working hard this week (I just upped my weights from 12 to 20lbs!)
    • The ab routines and daily yoga also went by the wayside this week. With the loss of our cat and the subsequent new addition to the family this week, I wasn’t as focused on my goals. But these things happen and I will not feel bad about letting life get in the way for a bit. (you try working out when there is a cute kitten running around!).
    • Same thing goes for eating a higher raw diet this month. My eats were not that great this week (at least 2 days involved ice cream for dinner!) but again, I am going to refocus my energy and work on it this week.

Here is to a more positive and productive week!



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