Tacos, Two Ways

Today marks the start of a new weekly series called “One Meal, Two Ways.” I am excited to share with you easy ways to prepare dinner for a mixed-diet household (I am vegan and my husband proudly eats meat and dairy). I have previously talked about “blended” dinners and how I am always thinking of how I can adapt a vegan meal to appeal to my husband. We achieved success with our favorite style of burger and a grill has been key in fuss-free dinners lately (especially in this summer heat!).

The “One Meal, Two Ways” series might not necessarily include a recipe every week, but it definitely will include ideas on how to personalize meals without too much extra work (because I know I sure don’t want to be cooking two completely different dinners every night!).

The first “Two Ways” dinner is Tacos! Mexican food is easy for me to adapt to both of our preferences. While most people automatically associate shredded meats, cheese, and sour cream with Mexican food, I find that the flavors are even better when you focus on the fresh and simple ingredients. I could seriously eat Mexican food every day (and sometimes I do!). The other day I was really craving hard tacos; I hadn’t had a crunchy taco shell in I don’t even know how long!

General Prep:

  • Baking taco shells
  • Preparing toppings (onion, tomato, shredded lettuce)
  • Spanish rice (a boxed variety; the Mexican rice was made with chicken fat!)

Shelley’s Tacos:

Layers of Spanish rice, black beans, Vegan cheese sauce (with a few spoonfuls of salsa instead of Rotel), chopped veggies, and jalapenos. With more rice and some black beans on the side.

Steven’s Tacos:

Ground beef cooked in taco seasoning, shredded cheese, sour cream, and veggies. With rice on the side.

Because of the ease of the vegan cheese sauce, these tacos really weren’t any harder than just preparing the traditional version. They will definitely be added to our regular dinner repertoire.

Come back next week for an easy comfort meal that includes “Mashed Potatoes, Two Ways.”

My Best,


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