It’s (almost) My Birthday!!

New distance, new trail, new music! My run this morning was the best yet.

Now I am off to get a massage and a mani/pedi. Not a bad way to kick off the birthday weekend (yes I am celebrating a birthday weekend. I used to get a whole week but my husband says we are too grown up for that now!).

In celebration of turning the big 25 tomorrow in the best shape of my life, I just wanted to take a look back at my past 5 birthdays and point out what a difference 5 years and a healthy lifestyle can make!

20th Birthday

21st Birthday

22nd Birthday-ish

23rd Birthday (Yonder @ Red Rocks)

24th Birthday (Yonder @ Red Rocks again)

25th Birthday (week prior-Yonder @ Red Rocks, again!)

The funniest thing about these pictures is the fact that my husband wore the EXACT SAME OUTFIT to the EXACT SAME SHOW three years in a row and that apparently this is our signature couples pose!!

Happy birthday to me and Happy Birthday to our good friend Paul. If only I didn’t have to wait another day to open presents!!!  Have a great weekend everybody.

My Best,


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