Weekly Workout Recap


Just a quick workout recap for the past week. I feel really good about my training for the week – I got in my mileage and 3 strength training sessions which was what my training plan called for. However, I failed to do a cross-train day (such as yoga) and hope to get that in this next week because I could use a workout that targets my muscles in a different way.


The associate who helped me buy new running shoes yesterday suggested that I start increasing my strides per minute when I run. The optimum strides per minute is 180. Studies show that most Olympic runners have around the 180 spm mark and that this amount of strides is very beneficial in correcting any issues with form and preventing injuries. I tried this morning but found it really hard to concentrate!! I am going to focus on my strides during my short runs this week (Tuesday and Thursday) and see if I can improve it by my long run at the end of the week (8 miles again).

I’m sad that my long weekend is wrapping up, but there is another 3 day weekend next weekend for Labor Day!  I really got a lot accomplished this weekend and am rested and ready for the week ahead. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to finish up the last of my birthday cake! 🙂



That is all.


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