August Recap & September Goals

It’s that time again, the time when all of your favorite bloggers talk about their goals! Because August’s goals were so physical in nature, my September goals are a little more personal.

Quick Recap of My August Goals 

  • Quit Drinking Diet Soda – well I didn’t have Zero diet sodas, but I had less than 5 so I would call that a success! Going from at least 30 a month to less than 5 is amazing to me! I had soda at the movies, a concert (don’t drink booze, wanted something other than water though!), and out to eat on my birthday.
  • Lower added sugar intake – I honestly think I may have tamed the insane sugar beast that had emerged in me earlier this year. While I did still eat sweets (ice cream for dinner much?), I really have preferred fruit over processed treats. I know what this was a success because I have had a bag of chocolate chips in my pantry for almost 3 weeks!! Before, those suckers wouldn’t have lasted 5 days!
  • Up water intake – I did ok with this, still trying to drink more H20 though.
  • Keep up with half-marathon training – I feel I did pretty well with this. I got in my mileage every week and am really enjoying running. I didn’t do as much strength training as I had planned, but as long as I am running and preparing for the race, I am ok.
  • Do an ab routine a day – Ha, I was on-and-off good about this. It was just too hard to remember! I tried to get in a routine a day (they are only 10 minutes each after all!) but in reality I probably did 3-5 a week. Oh well, something is better than nothing.
  • Do more yoga – Well I almost made it through the 21 day Yoga challenge. I was really good at the beginning of the month, then I kind of faded. I would do yogic stretching and meditation frequently, but I never really got in a good, long yoga session or a class.
  • Keep it a higher raw month – While I did get in lots of fresh and fruity smoothies and veggie packed green smoothies and salads throughout the month, after our cat passed away, all I wanted was comfort food (and boy, did I eat it). Sometimes you just have to listen to your body intense and overwhelming cravings.
  • Conquer my first Fourteener – Check! Summiting my first Fourteener was an amazing experience and I hope I have time to do 1 or 2 more before it starts snowing up in the mountains.

September Goals

  • Half-marathon training is my number 1 goal – The race is quickly approaching (seriously, almost just 5 weeks left) so there is no room for slacking on this.
  • Blog 5-6 times per week – This is quite a lofty goal, but I’m going to try. I came up with a weekly format that makes it easier for me to get in posts. Please don’t get too tired of me!! And let me know if you have any suggestions as far as content goes.
  • Get in a few more hikes before it gets too cold – Honestly, I’m not sure there will be time for this, but a girl can dream!
  • Read more – I’m not talking about Jane Austen or Chaucer here, I really enjoy trashy murder-mystery novels that I can buy at the grocery store for $4.
  • Veganize a few of my old favorite recipes – I have a few in mind (including a Chinese chicken and rice meal and jambalaya). Hopefully they turn out well and I can share them with you! I also plan to copy and improve upon a delicious grain salad that I recently had at Whole Foods.
  • Inspire people to be healthier – It is so rewarding when somebody starts on the journey to a healthier life and I love being a part of that! Hopefully this month, I can inspire somebody to really live their healthiest life.
I hope you have a great weekend.  And just for fun here is a picture of my baby kittens, because everybody loves kittens! Hopefully this picture puts a smile on your face. (I think the one on the right is a runt!)
What are some of your goals for this month?
 – My Best,

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