Another Higher Raw Weekend & What I Learned…

One of my most favorite posts I have written is What Exactly is “Higher Raw” Anyway? I tried to make the post informative without being dogmatic and I honestly tried to make the subject of higher raw eating as accessible and approachable as possible. Time and again, when I am feeling lousy, lethargic, bloated, or just off, I like to reset and recharge my batteries with a few days of higher raw eating. This can be anywhere from 50% of raw on up and usually is somewhere around 75-85% if I want to get the most out of it. One of the best things to come out of switching to a vegan diet, is that I feel much more in tune with my body. I know what it needs and what foods to eat depending on how I am feeling.

That being said, this past week I was definitely feeling off. I was slightly sick and skipped some of my workouts to let my body rest. I was bloated and a bit lethargic. I needed a jumpstart and so this past weekend I ate as much raw as possible (with the exception of lunch Friday and dinner Tuesday!).  As you can see, it is completely possible to eat a higher raw diet while training hard. I never felt famished or weak and I feel that the nutrient dense raw food helped my body to recover more quickly (absolutely no soreness/tiredness after my 8 miles on Saturday!).



  • Pre-run – watermelon
  • 8 mile run
  • Post-run Breakfast – Green smoothie. Peanut butter-chocolate protein shake
  • Lunch – Raw onion bread topped with some snazzy guacamole and mango salsa
  • Snack – watermelon
  • Dinner – raw zucchini hummus, veggies (red pepper, carrot, cucumber, tomato), and GF sesame seed crackers (not raw)
  • Dessert – raw chocolate balls


  • Pre-workout – green smoothie, cantaloupe and strawberries
  • 2 mile run, hill sprints, upper body strength workout
  • Post-workout – Go Bananas Shake with raw protein powder and spirulina
  • Lunch – raw tortilla soup topped with onion, jalapeno, green onion, corn, and black beans (not raw).
  • Dinner – asparagus and avocado sushi. edamame (not raw)

Monday (I felt like I ate all day!)

  • Breakfast – Apple muesli with maple-pecan cream
  • Lunch – Green juice & chocolate protein shake (not together!)
  • Ballpark snack – pistachios (not raw), watermelon, mango smoothie
  • Dinner – chopped veggie salad (romaine, purple cabbage, shredded carrot, red onion, tomato, green onion, and avocado) dressed with mango-salsa. Onion bread & zucchini hummus
  • Dessert – cacao-banana soft serve


  • Pre-workout fuel – cantaloupe
  • Bootcamp workout, sprints
  • Post-workout breakfast – Strawberry Recovery Smoothie w/ kale
  • Lunch – veggies with zucchini hummus, GF sesame crackers (not raw), onion bread topped with sliced avocado and tomato
  • Snack – Raspberry “mocktail”
  • Dinner – spaghetti (not raw): whole wheat pasta and spirilized zucchini topped with chickpea and tomato sauce


  • Breakfast – buckwheaties (sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat groats) with almond milk and topped with sliced strawberries, banana, almonds, and cacao nibs
Some Things I learned:
  • I feel so amazing when I up my raw intake (already knew that, but reconfirmed it!)
  • My husband was surprisingly supportive. Sometimes he makes fun of the way I eat as a joke but overall he has been extremely supportive of my dietary changes. I thought he would think raw food was for the birds, but he was game and even tried a few things out. I plan on making him a gourmet, multiple-course raw dinner in the near future!
  • Raw food is fun! I may be a major food nerd but I had a lot of fun thinking of meals and dehydrating/preparing my raw foods
  • However, you don’t need fancy equipment. While I do enjoy my new dehydrator, it is not at all vital to eating raw foods
  • Simple is best – fresh fruit smoothies, green smoothies and juices, blended soups, salads, raw produce…this is what raw food should be focused on
  • I never want to use store-bought salad dressing again. Fresh and flavorful salad dressed (even veggie based) is so easy to make and no chemical/preservative taste either
  • I think I  have an intolerance to gluten – I have not checked this out with a doctor and I don’t want to make light of what can be a very serious disease, but I do think I might have a slight intolerance. I don’t get terrible stomach pains/digestive issues but when I am eating more wheat I get so bloated. I felt firm and light throughout the raw weekend and even felt fine eating brown rice and other carbs but as soon as I ate wheat pasta, I ballooned up with about 3lbs of bloat. This is not normal. I am going to try and reduce/avoid gluten for a while to see how I feel
Some cooked foods I don’t think I could go without
  • hot soup and toasted french bread
  • corn chips
  • big ass burritos (with corn chips!)
  • baked goods – sometimes you really want a muffin/some banana bread/a dozen few freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
  • hot oatmeal
  • cooked potatoes
  • beans, specifically chickpeas, black beans, and edamame
Have you ever tried increasing your raw foods intake? If not, do you think it is something you could forsee yourself doing in the future?

5 thoughts on “Another Higher Raw Weekend & What I Learned…

  1. Been reading your blog for a few hours. I am vegan and more raw than I thought! Would like to incorporate a bit more…I think I am ready for another appliance. Would you recommend a juicer or a dehydrator? I have a blender and a good food processor. I already so raw green smoothies….thanks for the advice and I am going to carry on reading your blog 😉

    • My blender and food processor are my number 1 appliances. You don’t necessarily need an juicer or dehydrator, but they do make some things easier. If i had to suggest one based on the nutritional impact it would have on your diet I would say juicer. But you can also blend leafy greens and veggies with water and then strain the drink through a nut-milk bag to remove the pulp. A bit time consuming but possible. A good dehydrator will be a little pricey but it allows you the convenience of making raw crackers, breads, fruit leathers, granola, and much more so it does add a whole list of foods you will be able to consume raw. Thanks for reading, and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask!

  2. Thanks – I was thinking a juicer would be next…green smoothies are fine but I am thinking just veggies and no fruit would be nice! Thanks for your reply

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