Resistance Bands Workout

Need a workout you can do in a small space (say, your living room) or while traveling? Just grab a resistance band and you are set, no additional equipment needed. You can find a band of light, medium, or heavy resistance at most stores for less than $15! They are very versatile and extremely user friendly.

For the following workout, do two sets of the legs and arms moves followed by one set of core work.

Legs (w/0 bands, though you could definitely use them with lunges and extensions):

  • Walking Lunges (80)(60)
  • Reverse lunge with knee lift (15, each side)
  • 1st set only – Side lunge (15, each side)
  • 2nd set only – leg extensions (30 each side)

Arms (with resitance bands): 

  • Chest flyes (25)
  • Straight arm raises to side and front (20)
  • Alternating shoulder presses (20, each arm)
  • Isolated bicep curls (30)
  • Isolated tricep pullups (15 each side) (10 each side)

Core (60 seconds each move):

  • Plank
  • Side Planks
  • Lean & Reach
  • Cross-legged total body crunch
  • V-up frog crunch (yes you look like a dying frog doing this move!!)

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