Do You Listen to Your Body?

This weekend, my Dad and his wife Maura were in town to poke around some mountain real estate. Maura and I always seem to talk about food when we are together (who am I kidding, I always manage to talk about food with anyone I’m around!). She was expressing how she really knows what her body can and cannot handle and that she just cannot do wheat/gluten products, dairy from cows (she can do goat’s milk), or sugar. These things instantly wear her body out.
I know the feeling, there are certain foods that automatically make me feel worse when I eat them and yet I still manage to eat them over and over again. I have expressed before how one of the best things about following a whole foods, plant-based diet (vegan) is that it has really put me in tune with what my body needs/wants. And although I JUST wrote about how vegan food does not always mean healthy food, I don’t always take my own advice (what is that my mom used to say: “do as I say, not as I do”).
Seriously, this weekend was a bit of a “stay-cation” for me. I indulged in some rich and delicious foods and sweets and I’m feeling it today. Why is it when we know our body will react negatively to certain foods, we still eat them? Are sweets really worth it? Do I have to have a sweet cake or muffin when a piece of fruit should be able to satisfy my sweet tooth without putting my body through a sugar high and crash? Regardless of the answers to these questions (yes, sometimes sweets are oh so worth it!) I have decided to actually start listening to my body when it tells me something! Below are some of the changes I would like to make in my diet.
I would ideally like to do without: 
  • refined/white products – white flours (esp flour tortillas, a weakness of mine!), white rice, white pastas (I will, however, eat white potatoes)
  • white/refined sugar (for more info, read this article)
  • too much processed whole wheat foods (they make me so bloated)
  • processed/boxed items in general: aka anything with too many ingredients on the label!!
  • coffee
  • sweets
And I would like to replace above foods or add in the following:
  • whole grains – quinoa, brown rice, oats (it’s steel cut oats season!)
  • use gluten free flours, if needed (chickpea flour works well for me)
  • organic tofu (not processed soy products)
  • homemade nut milks
  • teechino/tea/water (of course)
  • GREEN STUFF!! – more green juices and smoothies
  • fruits for sweet cravings
I know that this may seem like a lot, but I generally already try to eat this way overall. I just tend to forget from time to time and go through periods where I eat way too many desserts! The good news is I already have a ton of new recipe ideas that follow these guidelines! Be looking for more whole foods recipes in the near future (like easy grain & bean dishes that are full of flavor and whole ingredients!). I also want to start experimenting with more savory, low-sugar baked goods (I’m thinking veggie muffins and carrot cakes that have little to no added sugars!).
Do you experience any sensitivity to certain foods? If so, do you avoid these foods or eat them anyway?

6 thoughts on “Do You Listen to Your Body?

  1. I love this Shelley. The dreaded sweet tooth. After staying off processed sugar for a few weeks a simple sliced apple with almond butter is such a treat!! It’s amazing how quickly your tastes can change! I need constant reminders,its so easy to relax and fall back into bad habits!! Thanks for inspiring!!!

  2. Oh! I need to listen to your AND my body’s advice. I feel the exact same way when I eat too much refined sugar and refined white products. Please please please post your grain/bean dishes… my body and my hubby enjoy these!

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