Race Prep & an Unpleasant Surprise

Last night, my husband and I headed up to the Colorado Convention Center to pick up my race bib and swag bag at the Rock-N-Roll Marathon Health Expo.

I told my husband to make sure I didn’t  buy everything I saw at the expo! I made it out with only one purchase that I am very happy about.

I woke up this morning and groggily headed into the kitchen to see about some breakfast. Imagine my surprise/horror when I looked out the window and saw this….

Yes, it was snowing this morning. And I panicked a bit. Up until this week it has been in the 80s here in Colorado and all of my training for the race has been in warm weather. The snow definitely made me nervous.

Breakfast was a delicious mix of chocolate chip pancakes and a tofu scramble. A side of Teeccino helped to warm these bones.

I also enjoyed a few green smoothies today. (Mix of romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, sprouted mung beans and frozen banana).

A mix of rain and snow fell throughout the day today but fortunately the forecast for the morning says it should be dry. Cold, but dry. I was planning on wearing shorts and a t-shirt but that no longer seems like a good option! I headed out for some shopping today and picked up a warm zip-up jacket and headband to protect my ears. It is going to be around 35 at the start of the race but I imagine I will warm up pretty good once I start running.

I am working now on getting my gear in order for tomorrow.

Other than that I am doing some cleaning and drying some mango and fruit leather. Exciting stuff I know. The Hogs are also on TV, this is the 3rd game of the season I have been able to watch out here. I’m hoping they stay fairly high ranked so I can enjoy a few more!! Dinner will be a Chipotle bean and rice burrito. For some reason the carb-y mix of beans, rice, and tortilla (combined with some salty chips) works very well for me as a pre-long run meal. I definitely am sticking with what works.

My nerves are starting to get to me. I don’t know why I am so nervous, it’s not like I am actually racing against anyone (thank goodness, I’m a bit of a slow-poke). I just need to remember that this race is just for me and just for fun. No pressure.

I will post a full recap on Monday, but for quicker updates about the race experience tomorrow feel free to like Mile High Healthy on Facebook. Wish me luck!!


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