It’s Back!! I’m Strength Training Again…

After abandoning my usual strength training/bootcamp routines in the last weeks of race training, I’m determined to get back at it!! So determined that I set up a little “mini-home gym” in our guest bedroom! It is staying dark way late now and there is no way I’m getting up and out to the park at 5:45 in the pitch dark/cold. I prefer waking up and stumbling into a room that is 10ft away from my bed, it’s a lot more manageable! In my makeshift workout corner I have a swiss ball, pairs of 20lb and 12lb weights (I had a pair of 10s but I can’t find them…Noel?), a 10lb kettlebell, resistance bands, yoga mat & blocks, Women’s Health: Big Book of Exercises (for ideas), and a TV/DVD player for my workout videos. And that’s really all I need for success! I just can’t stomach the thought of paying $50+ a month for a fancy gym membership. This mini-gym took a few small investments and I am set up. I had planned on doing some elliptical training after my workout, but I’m having arch pain in my right foot and am letting it rest and heal (don’t want to make it worse!).

Workout (3 sets of the following moves, reps outlined in parenthesis)


  • static wall squats (60 sec)
  • Leg extensions (20, 15, 10 each)
  • Hip abductions (20, 15, 10 each)
  • Thigh abductions (20, 15, 10 each)


  • bicep curls – 20lb weight (12, 10, 8 each)
  • shoulder presses – 12lb weight (20, 15, 10)
  • upward rows – 20lb weight (12, 10, 8 each)
  • skull crushers – one 20lb weight (15, 12, 10)


  • plank (60 sec)
  • side plank with reach under (20 each side)
  • Swiss ball jack-knife (15)
  • Swill ball rollout (15)
  • Weighted torso twist w/ feet elevated (60 sec, 20lb weight)
  • V-up crunches (60)
**I did the leg extensions and abductions with my resistance bands…here’s a little tip on how to make this work.
First, attach tube to doorknob, then pull it under the door
Shut the door. Now you have a sturdy anchor and a good barrier for added resistance on leg work
No excuses, more workouts to come. The one caveat of my little home gym is the two adorable kittens who are desperate for attention in the mornings…they are very hard to ignore! Gratuitous kitten shot….

2 thoughts on “It’s Back!! I’m Strength Training Again…

  1. Haven’t seen your weights. I have my 8lbs in my car but that’s it. I put them in the front floor of your car last time we worked out. Hope you find them!

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