Here we go again…

I did it again. I had my second “stay-cation” within the past month. Add to that the fact that a sore foot from my first half-marathon kept me from running more than 2 miles last week and I am feeling c-r-a-p-p-y. You know that feeling when you have eaten one to many salty carbs and then laid around for a few days? Yes, that’s exactly how I felt yesterday except add a couple of pieces of apple pie and some coconut ice cream on top of it. It’s a gross feeling. Once again, I am resolved to clean my diet up so that my body (and mind) feels its best.

All over-indulging and bloat aside, I had a wonderful time this weekend! My mom came out for her first Colorado visit since we moved here over 2 years ago (Happy Birthday Mom!). I felt like we were all over this state! We rode the cog railway up to the top of Pikes Peak (cold and beautiful), explored Garden of the Gods, bought souvenirs in Estes Park, drove through Rocky Mountain National Park (amazing), and had an early Thanksgiving dinner with my husband’s family. I’m tired. And very very full.

Some of the culinary highlights of my weekend included:

  • Green smoothies! My mom loved these and I’m excited for her to start including them in her daily routine
  • The most amazing Thai Noodle Salad from a cute cafe in Manitou Springs, Colorado. It was so good and fresh and I am planning on replicating it in the very near future (both a cooked and raw version!). Isn’t it beautiful…

  • Favorite burrito at our favorite restaurant. It will never get old: black beans and rice topped with veggie green chili and pico de gallo
  • A veggie burger in Estes Park that was very good! I love when a restaurant clearly states a menu item is vegan, makes it much easier not having to ask a million questions!
  • Hummus Soup from Oh She Glows…always a crowd pleaser and very easy to make
  • Early Thanksgiving! I wasn’t quite prepared so I threw together a quick dish that I had seen online (also from Oh She Glows) and knew I wanted to try. Vegan Pumpkin Mac-n-Cheeze over gluten-free pasta. It was even better leftover with some walnuts, spinach, and dried cranberries stirred in.
Last night I started to undo some of the weekend damage with a glorious 6 mile run. It had been almost a full week since I ran and it started off a little sluggish but I finished strong. One thing I do struggle with on my runs is consistent pacing. I am all over the place.
I do know that mile 3 was pretty tough, I was getting some severe side stitches. I am going to start trying to keep a consistent sub-10:00 pace on my runs from now on and I need to start doing some speedwork. With the training for my first race, I was only focused on my endurance. This was an appropriate course of action, being that it was the first time I had run 13.1 miles (or over 5 miles at all!). Now it is time to get faster! Over the course of training I naturally became faster as I became fitter, but now I am going to purposefully work on this with interval training, hill training, negative splits, and tempo runs. More details to come!

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