These Are My Confessions

My mom always says that “we are only as dark as our darkest secrets.” And although these “secrets” aren’t really that dark, I thought I would share a few confessions with you today….

I have started drinking soda again – gasp!! Despite my honest intentions this summer to quit the stuff, it has been creeping back into my life. I still don’t keep it at home or the office and I only have a couple a week out at restaurants. I’m trying, really I am but I don’t feel that a handful a month is such a terrible thing. I still drink plenty of water/tea/herbal coffee as well.

I recently started keeping a food journal again. Between race training and colder weather, my appetite is way up and I want to keep track of it. However, it has been so long since I’ve kept a dedicated food journal that I keep forgetting to write stuff down! Whoops. My journal is basic but I do have a space for how I feel every day; I tend to eat more when I’m bored and tired so I want to keep track of these patterns.

Another reason I started keeping the journal is because we have been eating out so much lately and I want to make sure I’m making healthy choices. I haven’t gained any weight back yet but I have that terrible bloated feeling from all of the salt…need to cut down on this for sure!

I just found out that McDonald’s fries are not vegan, and I am devastated by this. I have had them a handful of times since switching to a plant-based diet and I really don’t understand how french fries have to have more than just potatoes in them but alas, prepare to be a little disgusted (natural beef flavor, really?):

After taking a break from strength training to focus on marathon training, I have definitely lost some of my fitness in that department. I did a tough strength routine last night and was all shaky and weak feeling!! And I am very, very sore today. I just need to get back at it, with my muscle memory I should be back where I was in no time.

Though I was just talking about being sad about some french fries, I really want to do a raw food cleanse. I have been wanting to do one forever but am worried that doing a cleanse while training for a race is a bad idea. So I wait and see (but with the holidays coming up I really don’t see it happening in my near future).

You already know this one but I take an embarrassing amount of pictures of my kittens. Surprised? I didn’t think so…just look at how sweet they are, they love each other so much!!

I have a very lofty race goal for the Heart Center Half-Marathon but I’m afraid to share it because if I don’t do it then I will feel like a great big ass!!

I want lindsey lohan to just go to jail and stay there already. Who keeps paying her bail? I know she ain’t making any money

I have a long run tomorrow and then I kinda just want to lay around for the whole rest of the day and veg out…on healthy foods of course!

That wraps up my confessions for now!! Do you have any confessions of your own?


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