The Excuse Monster

So I was sitting around Wednesday feeling kinda lame thinking about this week’s training.

Last week’s training looked like:

While the beginning of this week looked like:

When I say nothing, I mean nothing!! Also, Wednesday morning I had the best of intentions but when my alarm clock went off at 5:45 I groaned, looked out the window to see a white wonderland, and got back in bed to snuggle for 1.5 more hours before I got ready for work. Sigh, not what I had wanted for myself. Especially after being lazy for two days. I really wasn’t sure where all my motivation had gone.

I started thinking and here is what went on in my head:

  • Well, work has been tough so I didn’t really feel like it.
  • You know, my body worked hard last week it probably just needed rest.
  • I was PMSing, who wants to work out when they have cramps?
  • Snow days are made for snuggling…not working out.

What the hell?? Then I realized I was being a grade-A EXCUSE MAKER. Of course I could find a million excuses to avoid a workout. Excuses are easy….motivation is hard. If you let yourself, you can easily put off exercise and healthy eating with a ton of excuses. But at the end of the day…will you feel any better? Be any closer to reaching your goals? NO.

So I turned my thought process around and this is what I told myself:

  • Exercise will help relieve/work out any of the stress from work. Take that stress out on the treadmill at a 10mph sprint!
  • Yes your body needs rest, but it got plenty. You’ve worked harder than that before. Also you have a race in 10 days that you are hoping to dominate and resting isn’t really an option if you want to speed it up.
  • I want to workout with cramps, that’s who! Exercise is my surefire way to beat cramps and bloating (and work off some off that chocolate that I had to have). I just seem to forget this every month.
  • You live in Colorado…if you skip a workout every time it snows, then winter will not be kind to your figure. Plus, you know the feeling when you’ve been working out and sweating hard then you walk outside into the cold air? That’s one of the best feelings ever!
And as of this morning, this is what my training has looked like this week:
How to beat the Excuse Monster:
  • Really listen to your excuses and then cut through the bullshit to the truth (like I did up there). Positive affirmations really are powerful.
  • Remember all of the reasons to like exercise in the first place.
  • Have a goal that you want to reach whether it be to lose 5lbs, get stronger, or even get faster. Having something to work towards gives exercise real meaning.
  • Sign up for a race!! Paying actual money for a goal makes me work that much harder! I don’t want to waste money with half-assed training.
  • Either right when I wake up or right when I get home from work, I immediately change into my workout clothes that way I’m already ready. If I’m doing a longer run I will eat some energy bites. Those things aren’t cheap and I don’t wanna waste them!!
  • Have a plan. Don’t just say “I’m gonna do some sort of workout tomorrow.” Know what you are going to do. If I’m running, I plan out the distance and place and also give myself mini-goals or create an interval routine to follow. With strength training, I always plan my routine the night before so I’m not just messing around. If I’m doing a DVD, I will have it in the player ready to go.
  • Don’t have time?? I call bullshit. How much TV do you watch in the evening? Chances are you have at least 30 minutes a day to spare. Check out this entire Women’s Health book of 15 minute exercises.
  • Don’t have energy?? Healthy eating and exercise will give you more energy and clarity. I know I always feel better at work if I worked out that morning.
  • Hire a personal trainer. That will get you motivated!! I know when I had a personal trainer I never wanted to skip a workout because it was money down the drain.
  • Don’t think you can afford it? You don’t need a personal trainer or a gym membership to get a good workout…google it! Women’s Health Magazine, Shape Magazine, Fitness Magazine and countless others all have websites with free workouts on them. Also: lunges, crunches, pushups, and walking/running are FREE!
  • Grab a workout buddy. I know it was way easier for me to get up and get to bootcamp in the park this summer when I knew there would be at least one other person with me. Accountability is a beautiful thing. Enlisting your spouse as a workout partner is a great way to help get both of you healthy while strengthening your bond as well.
Do you struggle with excuse making?? What are some of the most common excuses you use to avoid working out? How do you overcome them?
I hope everyone has an excuse free and healthy weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Excuse Monster

  1. Way to go turning your week around! I’m having the opposite. I started out great with AM runs on Tues (4mi) and Weds (3mi). Thursday was rest as planned. But now I’m fighting the excuse MONSTER too! It’s suddenly COLD here. Like in the 30s. A track workout was envisioned for this evening, but maybe I’ll just do some treadmill intervals? Would so rather snuggle on the couch…

  2. If I pay for a race, you better believe I’m gonna train for it (I feel like I’m always training for something)! And when I’m a member of a gym, I go religiously (speaking of, I really need to find one to join). Money is definitely a huge motivator for me to exercise (I’m exceptionally cheap), but the side effects of a fit body and increased energy is definitely a plus 🙂

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