Arms & Core Workout

First thing’s first….I’m amending my November Goal of running a 5k on Thanksgiving to running a 5k on Thanksgiving super fast!! I have been trying to get faster lately in preparation for this weekend’s half-marathon. When training for my first half-marathon my main goal was just to be able to run it!! I went from basically zero running experience to completing a half-marathon in the span of a few months. This time around, I want to get faster and shave off some minutes. I’ve only had 3 weeks to do this (I took a week off after the last race because my foot was really sore) but I think I’m making progress.

Case in point:

This is the fastest I have ever run (for more than just 1 mile!). When I first started tracking my runs, I finished 3 miles in about 32 minutes. I have shaved off 8 minutes from my 3 mile time; to me, this is amazing! So with that being said, I’m hoping to not only run a Thanksgiving day 5k, but to crush it. Once the race is over this weekend, I will be resorting to shorter runs as opposed to longer training runs. This gives me plenty of opportunity to focus on speed for the 5k.

Moving on, I only worked my arms and core this morning in an effort to save my legs for race day. After the lunges and squats in last week’s workout, my backside was hurting for days!! I was so sore on Friday and Saturday; I had to run 10 miles with a sore behind and then go to a concert Saturday night and stand around for a few hours. By Sunday, my legs were exhausted and I knew I needed to rest them up for the race.

Arms and Core Only Workout (do the following set 2-3 times, with no resting in between moves)

  • V-raise – light weight (15)
  • V-up crunches (60)
  • Shoulder presses (12lb weights, 20)
  • Side lifts (20 each side)
  • Tricep Kickbacks with rotation (12lb weights, 15 each)
  • Weighted “lean back” (25)
  • Push-ups (up to 30)
  • Standing knee-cross crunch (20 each side, alternating)
  • Upward Rows (20lb weights, 10 each)
  • Boat pose (hold for 60 seconds)

Quick and to the point…my kinda workout! I followed the workout with this super powered protein shake from Kristen’s Raw (my second time this week!). I will need the extra super power today…I have a review at work. Wish me luck!!


3 thoughts on “Arms & Core Workout

  1. Sooo I have to work the beer garden at the Turkey Run so I can’t do it with you but I really want to do one. I won’t be able to run it anytime soon but walking will be good for me. I’m going to join prestige and try to start the couch to 5k thing.

      • It’s a really fun run!!! 🙂 I joined lifetime and I’m planning on going to at least one class this week. Its a pretty nice little gym!!

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