Heart Center Half-Marathon Goals

It’s time for some race training recap and goals!! When I posted my Training Plan (not that long ago) for the Heart Center Half-Marathon, my goal training schedule looked like this:
My actual training ended up looking something like this:
So, it wasn’t exactly how I planned it, but not too shabby either. Family plans kept me from keeping my mileage up this week, but I still got in a few short runs. Last night I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill and my knee was feeling really funky. I have never had knee problems before, so I am hoping this was just because of the treadmill and not something that will continue to hurt tomorrow. It’s getting to be that time where I question my training and if I am even prepared for the race. This happened before the last race too. I only got in 2 long runs in preparation and my weekly runs have been all over the place. I know that I can finish, but I had really hoped to feel ready to race. There is really nothing more I can do at this point except relax and eat some carbs!
The thing that has given me the most anxiety about the race is the weather!! When I registered for the race, the forecast was 58 degrees and clear, sunny skies. Then I looked at it earlier this week and it said 37 degrees with a 70% chance of snow. Since then, the forecast has changed a few times and is currently saying it should be around 40 degrees with only a 10% chance of precipitation. So, thank you Weather Channel app for sufficiently freaking my ass out this week. Bravo.
On to the goals section (finally)…
A few days ago I came upon this method of making race goals:
My Goals for Heart Center Half-Marathon
  • D Goal: Finish. Try not to slip and fall a lot!
  • C Goal: Beat my time of 2:22 from the Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon
  • B Goal: Time of less than 2:15
  • A Goal: Rock the shit out of the race and get around 2:05 (haha)
  • I would like to not see ANY 10:00s in my splits. My last long training run looked like this:
Technically, considering my pace/times for my training runs, goals A and B should be completely doable. However, considering my pace/times for training runs leading up to the Rock-n-Roll race, a time of 2:10 should have been doable, yet it did not happen! Just goes to show that you prepare your hardest and get out there and run your heart out and what happens, happens. Being my 2nd half-marathon, the major goal again is just to finish and enjoy it. There will be plenty more in the future where I can focus on speed. I have to remember that I only really started running at the beginning of the summer, so the fact that I am running my second half-marathon tomorrow in and of itself is something to be proud of! Of course, getting a fast time and feeling like a badass wouldn’t hurt either….

3 thoughts on “Heart Center Half-Marathon Goals

  1. Here is my latest goal: To walk 1 1/2 miles with my dog without tripping on a crack in the sidewalk and busting my ass! That happened to me today, and I swear I thought I had broken both wrists and both kneecaps – and had whiplash and a concussion to boot. I’m proud of you, Shelley!

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