The Big “D”


I don’t know about you, but if I even consider saying I’m going on a diet, my body goes into autopilot and somehow I end up scarfing down a 5lb burrito and chasing it with a vegan chocolate donut. It’s just the way I work. In fact, I think it’s just the way most people’s minds work. Tell yourself you can’t have something and that’s exactly what you’ll want. Tell yourself you are on a diet and all you can think about is eating everything in sight.

So, during this Winter Wellness Challenge in which I’m trying to lose weight, I’m not actually dieting. Instead, I’m basing my meals around that day’s workout and eating for fuel. I’m also trying to eat the most nutritious foods possible. Nothing is worse than being on a diet and feeling tired and groggy from being undernourished. We should see food as power for our workouts and the hectic holiday seasons. Food should uplift not weigh down (literally!). Food should be celebrated, not feared or ridden with guilt. We should think about all of the great foods that we can eat rather than the not-so-good foods we shouldn’t eat.

What I’m eating:

  • Lots of oats and overnight oats. Thick and hearty breakfast to get me energized and keep me full for hours with a combination of oats, chia, protein powder (raw,vegan), banana and other flavors
  • Protein smoothies – again raw, vegan protein powder. lots of varieties always with fresh spinach thrown in. see recipes page for ideas
  • Green juice and smoothies – gotta get my veggies in
  • Salads – all kinds of salads. not wimpy lettuce and dressing but veggie and bean chocked monsters
  • Soup – soup is a great way to eat light while packing in a nutritious punch
  • Snacks – Fruit with nuts, small pieces of dark chocolate, kale chips, air popped-popcorn

The more whole, fresh foods I eat like veggies and beans, the fuller and more energized I feel. There’s no need for an afternoon vending machine break because I keep my desk stocked with fresh fruit, a variety of nuts, and an emergency stash of chocolate (gotta have it!). I always plan out my breakfast and lunch the night before so I am prepared. Overnight oats are a great way to get in protein, fiber, fat, and flavor for breakfast. I pack my lunch every day so the temptation to go out to eat with coworkers is lessened (also, I’m cheap so that helps). Just a little preparation goes a long way in sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

So, during the Winter Wellness Challenge and looming holidays, I challenge you to not be on a “diet” but rather to focus on fueling and nourishing your body. Find the foods that make you feel your best. Chances are, they are the foods that can help you lose or maintain your weight.


5 thoughts on “The Big “D”

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  2. I am really wanting to start eating healthy. However I am on a serious budget and it always seems like the best foods for your body don’t go along w a tight budget. Do you have any advice or tips?

    • Lauren, the main way I save $$ on food is to sit down on Sundays and plan out the meals for the entire week (including breakfasts and lunches) that way I can maximize my ingredients and buy only what I need. I also buy grains, pastas, and dry beans in bulk which can save money. When it comes to veggies, buying whole bunches of spinach or heads of romaine (or big carrots instead of baby carrots, etc) is way cheaper than buying the pre-washed, pre-cut bagged versions, it just requires a little extra prep. Also, look for the produce on sale that week and plan your meals around that. If you buy a bag of carrots, use them in 2 or more meals that week so you don’t end up buying a ton of food at once. Cutting down on meat consumption can save money as well, think about replacing meat with beans one or two times a week. I will try and put together a longer post on this in the near future!! Hope this helps some.

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