Random Facts Friday

I don’t have enough brain left this week to put together a cohesive post so here are a bunch of random facts/things on my mind lately!!

  • This is my 3rd winter in Colorado and I still have not been skiing!! Granted, my husband has been away the previous 2 winters but it feels a bit blasphemous. Truth is, I kind of want to learn to snowboard instead of ski. However, I have a feeling that I would be perfectly content lounging away in a lodge while sipping hot cocoa and reading by a fire while my hubby tackles the slopes.
  • I will never get tired of seeing my kittens snuggle together. It is ridiculously adorable.  Gratuitous kitten picture in 3..2..1..

  • I slept through my workout this morning. Now after work I have to do strength training and cardio. On a Friday night. This won’t be challenging at all…
  • I have eaten the Simple Apple Oatmeal at least 5 times in the past week. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. Between that and the puppy chow I made the other night (sigh…yes, yes I did) I feel like I am turning into peanut butter. I made a really good Apple-Cinnamon Protein smoothie yesterday using all the same ingredients, but when the peanut butter isn’t all melty and gooey, it’s just not the same.

  • I have a work Christmas potluck today. I brought vegan chocolate chip cookies. I made them in a hurry last night and threw them in a baggie together. Well, the condensation created by the hot cookies has made them really soft so I’m going to call them “Muffin tops” and pretend that’s how I meant for them to come out!! I did have to bring a back up lunch today too because out of 42 employees (this is my old work and I’m just crashing the party) there are only 2 veggie lovers so I don’t think there will be many options. Hopefully I am pleasantly surprised.
  • I haven’t given one single thought to Christmas shopping. Usually I am inspired, organized, and ready for it but this year I just feel a bit turned off by the whole Christmas season. I think I’m having some real problems with how it is being turned into something so materialistic. I don’t remember it ever being THIS BAD. Instead of saying “Christmas Season” or “Holiday Season” it has been turned into the “Shopping Season” and this grosses me out. In a time where the economy is struggling and most people don’t have the money, we are being inundated with advertisements suggesting that if we don’t by the right gift or spend the right amount of money, we will ruin Christmas. Give me a break!! I’m more focused on loving the people I care about than finding them the *perfect* gift.
  • Even though I haven’t thought about gifts, I have planned out my entire Christmas menu. What I meant to say is that I’m more focused on loving people…and food. Lots of tasty and healthy food.
  • As someone who enjoys sharing healthy recipes with you, I am actually terrible at putting recipes together!! I usually just cook a meal and take pictures of everything then try to remember what I did when I write the post. You will notice lots of “handfuls of this” and “dashes of that” because I really don’t like measuring items out or writing things down! Whoops. In that spirit here is a “recipe” for some delicious quinoa I threw together last night: mix cooked quinoa (I used 3/4 cup dry) with dried cranberries, walnuts, caramelized onion, shredded spinach, coconut oil (about 1tbsp), and freshly ground salt and pepper. Enjoy!

I served it with roasted brussel sprouts and Squash Soup.

Hope you enjoyed these random tidbits! Have a wonderful weekend. 


3 thoughts on “Random Facts Friday

    • Vicky puppy chow is my kryptonite. You melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, and vegan butter together. Pour this over rice chex until it’s all coated. Then you toss it in powdered sugar!! It’s so bad for you but so addictive. I try to only eat it this time of year because I lose all control with it!

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