Winter Wellness Challenge: Week 4 Recap


  • Monday – 30 minutes elliptical; 20 minute tabata intervals on treadmill
  • Tuesday – off day
  • Wednesday – 30 minutes elliptical; 25 minute tabata intervals on treadmill; 1.5 mile walk on lunch; arms & core strength routines
  • Thursday – 30 minute tabata intervals on treadmill; 1.5 mile walk on lunch
  • Friday – strength workout (core, arms, legs)
  • Saturday – off day
  • Sunday – hardcore strength workout (total body); 30 minutes elliptical; 1 mile treadmill


  • green smoothies/salads galore
  • However, went a little nutty on some puppy chow and peanut butter. Feel gross from that!


  • weight loss/measurements/body fat % will return next weekend

Why I’m taking 2 weeks of from the “numbers” 

Last week I was having some issues with bloating and not feeling my best. I fixed this by adding lots of green juice, smoothies, and yummy kale salads. However, I did a little venting to my friend about the lack of results I had experienced and she kindly reminded me that a silly number on a scale is not the complete marker for health (thanks Magwert!).  I know it is true so I put up the scale and don’t even know where the measuring tape is (thanks to my kitten Sampson). I figured I’d give my mind a break and check back in next week!

We all need to remember that the scale is not the most important way to check our health. I usually weigh myself once a week and even think this is too often for me. I seriously discourage anyone from weighing themselves daily. So many factors influence our daily weight such as the foods we have been eating, our hydration levels, exercise activity and more. You can differ by a few pounds per day depending on any one of these factors. Sometimes waking up and seeing the scale read 2lbs heavier than the day before (happened to me last week!) can seriously freak you out or even discourage you from continuing on in the pursuit of health because you have a “well I’m working so hard without results, what’s the point” moment. I say we all take a break from the scale for a bit and instead measure our success in other ways.

I have been successful in this Wellness Challenge in many ways! First, I have consistently exercised for 4 weeks straight…during the holidays!! I have been pushing myself during workouts too and incorporating new exercises into my routine. As a result, I am stronger and fitter every day. Second, I have been keeping up with the food journal I started. Food journals are a great way to see what works and doesn’t work for your body. Last but not least…I simply feel better in my own skin. I know I am taking so many healthy measures in my life and this is paying off in both a positive mindset and more confidence with my body. I would say that this challenge is a huge success for me!

However, there is one area that needs some work…I have been eating too much sugar lately in the form of cookies/baked goods and other snacks. I feel like it has gone from an occasional thing to an everyday thing (sometimes after every meal!). I have gotten in the habit of wanting and eating something sweet daily and I need to break this habit before it does serious damage. In order to do this, I am going to be doing a food “detox” this week. When we hear the word “detox” a million things cross our mind like crazy pills or liquid only diets. This detox is based on whole foods and lots of greens. I am looking forward to it because it is not restrictive (except for sugar) but instead encourages you to fill your body with healthy foods. I will be chronicling my experience with this at Fun With Raw. Please feel free to check it out! I will still have some good recipes and workouts for you this week on Mile High Healthy, so you can get a double dose!

I hope everyone sets good, healthy intentions for themselves this week and that anyone who wants to challenge themselves to a healthier holiday season will. Happy Monday!


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