Look Out 2012…Here I Come!

While I found it quite hilarious, this display at my local Wal-Mart pretty much sums up why resolutions aren’t always a good idea…

Instead of New Years resolutions, I have compiled a list of “things I’d like to do this year.” Technically, that is pretty much the same thing but it just makes me feel better to phrase it this way. No pressure, no feeling like a failure if I haven’t accomplished everything by February. Just things I hope to be able to do at some point if everything goes right. Here they are in no particular order and with no rhyme nor reason. It probably isn’t even an exhaustive list, just things I have written down so far.

New Year, Better Me

  • Take more pictures of people and not just food and kittens. Seriously, it is embarrassing looking through my photos…kitten, kitten, smoothie, salad, really cute kitten picture, soup..etc…I guess as someone who blogs about food this is to be expected, but there are way too many kitten pictures for me to be considered a functioning adult. Score one for me with the picture above (taken right after midnight). Score one for crazy cat ladies everywhere that I took about 7 cat pictures yesterday. It’s a work in progress.
  • Better the blog. I can’t believe how far the blog has come! It started at the urging of a friend (thanks Hutto!) and has grown into an integral part of my life. Blogging encourages me to stay motivated, create new recipes, and diversify my workouts. It encourages me to look back at myself and my life and share the experiences that have really helped me to become a better person. I love it and hope that I have inspired even 1 person with the blog, if so I will consider it a great success.
  • Similar to the above goal, create better recipes. I want to make healthy and tasty recipes that fit well into my life and that I can share with you. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you’d like to see more of…I love a challenge! I want to be able to share more and better vegan and raw recipes.
  • Try a new workout…I’m thinking kickboxing!
  • Eat cleaner with a higher percent of raw foods. This of course will be easier come summertime.
  • Get back into yoga. I was doing lots of yoga last spring and as a result I was stretched and flexible. Then a little thing called race training happened and yoga fell along the wayside and took my flexibility with it. I love to stretch and I love how yoga leaves me feeling 5 inches taller. I don’t have a set number of times per week I want to do it or anything, I just want to do it!
  • Not waste so much food. This kills me, I hate wasting food and no matter how hard I try I still seem to. I want to make a concerted effort to improve this through smart meal planning and eating out less.
  • Run at least 2 half-marathons this year (hopefully more). Also, PR both races and run a sub-2 hour race. I will accomplish this by training smarter including hill work, speedwork, cross-training, and training on a variety of surfaces and not just my beloved trail.
  • Climb more mountains. I love Colorado, that is all.
  • Log all of my miles run (ran?) in 2012. Since I just started really running last summer and didn’t log my mileage over time, I have no frame of reference to know whether saying “run 500 or 1000 or whatever” miles is doable. I want to track all of my mileage this year so I know where I’m at and so I can plan run more in 2013. Talk about a long-term goal!
  • Get back into other hobbies I enjoy like painting and playing my banjo. I say this like I am remotely good at either one. However, being creative is still fun even if you are bad at it. I really enjoy painting and trying to create something from nothing. I used to be very hypercritical of my art until I took a class and the instructor said “well if it sucks, just paint over it.” TRUTH. Don’t you wish you could do that with life? Oh and the banjo…well I’ve had that sucker for about 3.5 years now and don’t even know how to change the out-of-tune strings. It was a birthday present a while back and I was gung-ho at first and learned a few songs. Then I’m not really sure what happened. 2012 will be the year that I learn some really great music, I promise!
  • I have a list of the 100 best novels of all time. For about 5 years now, it has been my goal to read every book on the list. I love to read but usually trashy murder mysteries take priority over Jane Austin or Chaucer. Not this year! I’m going to get back into my list and read at least one per month. Now if I could only find my library card…
  • Learn to push past the point of discomfort whether in strength training, running, healthy diet, life in general. Too often, I give in once things start to hurt or become difficult. I want to really push myself through these self-imposed limits so I can become stronger, faster, healthier, more outgoing and loving, etc…
  • Generally just be better. Any improvement on yourself is a success!
  • Bring back monthly goals to make this gigantic list seem more doable.

Wow, just looking at this list makes me want a nap. If all goes well, 2012 is going to be an exciting and busy year! What are your goals or resolutions for the new year?? 


11 thoughts on “Look Out 2012…Here I Come!

  1. I tried to creep in your midnight picture, but all you can see is my little nose in between your heads!

    These are great goals! Maybe writing things down would help me too. I daydream all the time about what I want to do with life and I never get it all done. My 2012 goal is to write them down! Then actually do them!!!

    • Jimmy is creeping big time!! haha. Surprised there isn’t a sequined elbow creeping in as well, that guy was dangerous! I know this list is ridiculously long, but I really just sat down and thought about things I want to do or wish I did more. No harm in getting it all out on paper even if it’s crazy (banjo?!), seeing it written down just might inspire you to go for it! I’d like to see your list when you’re done!

  2. You’re getting me pumped! I quit making resolutions years ago, but I haven’t set any goals to speak of lately. My affirmation for 2012 and beyond is “I am healthy, wealthy, and thin.” But today I bought and ate Snickers – sigh. However, I only had two (no, three) mini bars before I remembered to ask myself “Is this going to make me healthy, wealthy, or thin?” and I put them down. Progress, not perfection! That’s what I love about your blog – you don’t beat yourself up when you backslide. So I’m not going to beat myself up either

    Like you, I plan to be more creative this year through art and writing. I’m a better writer than artist, but as Julia Cameron says: “It’s the process, not the product.” Thanks for getting me motivated – you and your blogging have made a difference in my life!

  3. I’m interested in your greatest 100 books of all time. I remember a list I had seen once, but couldn’t find it, so when I made a similar goal I found a new list. I guess that will push me harder, as I have only read 2 off this new list, but I was discouraged that some classics like Lord of the Flies were not on it.

  4. Can I just say…. HELLO 🙂 thanks for the shout out lol, but girl you had it in you the whole time! Your blog is fantastic! You are doing some wonderful things here and I am thankful for your blog! I think you are making a difference in more than one life sister so you just keep on keeping on! Annnnnnnd I think we are going to need a youtube channel for you so we can keep up with this banjo progress 😉

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