Introducing: the Stability Disc

Wow. That’s all I can say…WOW! You might look at this thing and think what could it really do for my workout? But do not underestimate the stability disc…I made that mistake and my entire body (but especially my core) was hurting for it. 

Stability Disc Workout (done tabata style)


  • Single legged squats
  • Reverse lunges with knee lefts
  • Squatting crossovers
  • Forward bends


  • One arm pushups
  • Alternating bicep curls with one-legged balance
  • Tricep raises, balancing on disc
  • Squat to shoulder press (one leg on disc at a time)
Do each routine as a 4 minute tabata sequence. Repeat. I did this exercise twice (for a total of 16 minutes) but the next day my body hurt like I had given it a grueling 2 hour workout! Though every move worked my core I also did a 10 minute toning core routine to really ramp up my workout. Bonus: I looked online and you can find them from as low as $15! Not a bad investment for a home gym.

6 thoughts on “Introducing: the Stability Disc

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  2. Shelley, Love your blog!! Not to change the subject, but could you enlighten me on the benefits of juicing versus eating raw? What brand of jucier do you recommend??

    Thanks, Cindy F. Louisiana

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