Stability Disc: Take 2

My apologies! In my sleep-deprived zombie state and medicine induced fog, I put up my stability disc post yesterday without any real explanation of what it is or how it’s used! I meant to include a how-to with pictures but was pretty proud that I managed to even post something at all. I’m feeling tons better today and I received a few requests for more information so let’s try this again, shall we?

The stability disc works like a bosu ball (half stability ball) in that you use it to create imbalance while you work out. Your body – and specifically your core – has to then work harder doing the same exercise moves in order to complete the move with proper form. It’s a great tool. Like I said, one short workout left me sore for a couple of days! It worked me harder than I thought it would, especially my core. You can use the stability disc in a number of ways from one-arm pushups, to balance moves, to leg work, to core work (though most moves done on the disc will work your core as well). Let’s take a look at some of the various ways the disc can be utilized:

Squats – the roundness of the disc means you have to work extra hard to do a regular squat without falling off! I also did squats with one leg at a time on the disc, meaning each leg gets a tougher workout. 


One arm pushups – Technically you still use both arms, but the disc helps to target one arm more than the other (similar to one-leg squats above). 


Lunges – I did reverse lunges with a knee raise. The disc makes your legs work extra hard through the range of motion


Adds balancing efforts. I did my regular bicep curls and tricep raises on the disc with a leg raised like this in order to create an imbalance and push myself. It definitely made the moves harder!


Core specific moves – adds a greater range of motion for crunches. 


These are just a few ways you can utilize the disc…really the possibilities are endless – just be creative! I do think that the stability disc would work well for beginners: just make sure you have the proper form of a move down before you add a disc variation. They can be found online for relativly cheap and are a great addition to any home gym (much more cost and space effective than a bosu ball!).

In other news, as I was googling pictures of stability discs I ran upon this in the search results…makes me feel kind of legit!?

Random Friday Musings:

  • Check out Czech Vegan’s post about transitioning to a healthier vegan diet (I’m mentioned!) Goes along with my view that Just Because It’s Vegan, Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy
  • I’m going to attempt an 8 mile run tomorrow – this will be my longest distance since the Heart Center Half-Marathon in early November…wish me luck!
  • My Alma Matter is playing in the Cotton Bowl tonight. Go Hogs!
  • My husband has his work weekend with the Air Force this weekend so I have the house all to myself…time to seriously get things done! I always seem to have more motivation to clean and de-clutter when I’m doing it alone. Spring cleaning come early this year!
  • I’m really excited to have brussel sprouts for dinner tonight. When I was younger (my mom can attest to this) the only veggies I liked to eat were french fries. I think there was a whole phase when I ate just yellow foods (chicken fingers, fries, mac-n-cheese) and I didn’t even like baked potatoes until I was 17! Just goes to show that your tastes do change with time (thankfully as I now enjoy all veggies…well except mushrooms). If at first you don’t succeed with a healthy diet…please try, try again! I tried tofu a handful of times before I found the right way to prepare it and now I love it. Same goes with a lot of veggies. Just experiment until you find the right fit.
  • I’ve been getting into the “New Age” channel on Pandora lately. Close your eyes and it’s like you are waiting to get a massage. Very relaxing. Even my husband likes it!
  • And last – but certainly not least – something for the crazy cat ladies out there (I’m looking at you Vicky!). Happy Friday Everyone.


5 thoughts on “Stability Disc: Take 2

  1. Haha kitties! Congrats on the Czech Vegans blog post :). Exciting stuff! Sounds like you have an energetic weekend planned – as usual!

  2. I love me some bosu ball! I will be looking into one of these stability discs (especially if just sitting my booty on it at my desk will strengthen my core!)

    Woo Pig!

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