Mile High CrazyCatLady

Well you asked for it. From now on this blog is going to be all kitten all the time. I’m contemplating permanently changing the name of the blog to Mile High CrazyCatLady.

There will be pictures upon pictures of….

goofy kitties:

Sleepy kitties:

kitties acting cute after they get in trouble:

Flashback baby kitties (he still hasn’t grown into those arms):
And of course, snuggling kitties (they just love each other so much)
And I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the kitten picture arsenal. You have no one but yourselves to blame. 
Oh sadly I am just kidding. I would love to show off my crazy cat lady-ness all day every day but there are more important things to talk about. Thank you for your feedback, I have a great weight-loss tip post coming up tomorrow. Hope these crazy kitties made you smile 😉
**Check it Out** (new feature!) 

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