Ode To Summer

Oh Summer, how I miss thee. Let me count the ways. 

I miss long weekend runs

 I miss running outside at all without fear of slipping on ice

 I miss drinking smoothies without having to wear a sweater

And eating salads for lunch at work without having to turn on my space heater

 I miss early morning runs wearing a tank top and shorts…and still sweating!!

 And the true refreshment brought on by a delicous bowl of overnight oats after a workout.

 I miss hiking all day

 And cool Colorado summer nights.

I miss watermelon more than I can put into words. 

But most of all…I miss the color green…

Sigh, I’m sure summer will be here before you know it and in about 6 months I will probably be missing the color white…


One thought on “Ode To Summer

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