In The Kitchen & Number 6

I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen this weekend making all kinds of raw goodies!!

First I was finally able to make some raw juice pulp crackers that I actually like! In all of my previous attempts, the crackers turned out like little pieces of sod…it was bad. I tweaked my recipe and preparation and it seems like the 4th time’s the charm. What made these crackers edible was using chia instead of flax (apparently I don’t like raw flax breads and crackers), really processing the pulp with water so it is a smooth consistency, and dehyradting them until they are perfectly crisp (longer than I had been). Success! Now, my husband won’t touch these with a 10 foot pole but I can’t wait for some raw sandwiches.

I started sprouting some more buckwheat this weekend. I’m planning on using it for raw granola and buckwheat cereal. It still has a couple of days before it is fully sprouted, then I will dehydrate and store in the pantry.

I also soaked some almonds this weekend for raw almond butter. I eat a lot of peanut butter so I wanted to make an alternative that is a little more nourishing and without added sugars. I soaked 1 cup of almonds for about 36 hours, then I rinsed them and threw them in the food processor for about 10 minutes (scraping down the sides as necessary). At the end of processing time I threw in some almond milk (maybe around 1/3 cup), a squirt of agave, and some cinnamon and processed for an additional 3 minutes. It resulted in a fluffy and flavorful almond dip that I can use for smoothies or apple dipping.

To add more food to the mix I had a couple of goodies going in the dehydrator as well today!! The Mocha Chip Macaroons from Choosing Raw (a big favorite of my mother-in-law)…

And some amazing kale chips. I dressed them with a marinade of lemon juice, nutritional yeast, diced garlic (key to the flavor!), olive oil, and a sprinkling of sea salt. SO GOOD, there aren’t enough to last. I could sit and devour the whole bag in about 5 minutes.

Aside from all of the kitchen work, I was able to spend some time with my in-laws this weekend. Saturday turned out to be quite the eventful family dinner. A cousin from my mother-in-law’s side was in town and he is a tattoo artist. Before you knew it, six of us had gotten tattoos!! I had no intentions of getting a new tattoo this weekend but as I was sitting there watching everyone get one I caught tattoo fever!! Next thing you know…tattoo # 6 is here to stay.

This new tattoo is something I had been considering for a while (I just didn’t think I’d be getting it this weekend!). It is of the Om symbol which I quickly found out is a bit hard to explain (about 10 different people saw it and said “well what does that mean”). Om in and of itself is hard to explain, there are even entire texts devoted to its meaning. It is said to reach Om is to reach complete Nirvana or transcendence. Om symbolizes the manifestation of God and the entirety of existence. It symbolizes the whole human experience and everything you see or feel. That’s is certainly a  mouthful to explain, so I just say that it means complete peace in your life. This may not be entirely accurate, but that is certainly what complete knowledge and consciousness means to me (plus it’s a whole lot easier to say “peace” than “the entirety of existence”).

The family who tattoos together, stays together??

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned redneck tattoo party!! It really was fun though. Now I’m sitting here unable to believe that my weekend is already ending. It did not seem near long enough. Hopefully things at my work will start getting a little less stressful as there is finally another employee. Only time will tell! Have a great rest of the weekend and a Happy Monday.


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