Snow Day!

There has been talk of epic snow on our news channels all week long. The Weather Channel app on my phone said it would start snowing yesterday at 10:00am and continue through Saturday. I was excited…until I was looking out the window of my office at 4:30pm and there wasn’t a flake in sight. I decided to stop by the grocery store and stock up on some staples just in case (according to my husband I needed to pick up staples like “oreos and milk” lol). The grocery store was of course a madhouse. The lady in front of me was buying a 32 pack of toilet paper and 3 loaves of bread…not sure what kind of weekend she had in mind. Some tiny flakes were falling by the time I got home. I wanted to be excited but I just didn’t believe the hype.

Then today I woke up to…..

Snow!! Last I heard we had 10 inches going on 16 inches. The newscasters said this storm is “hazardous and challenging” so don’t drive if you don’t have to. I promptly let my boss know of my plans to stay home. He said no big deal, don’t endanger yourself, so I have been sitting at home having a snuggly and wonderful snow day today. The new guy at work went in *cough cough* suck up *cough cough* but if he wants to brave the roads good for him. I’m not risking my safety to work on spreadsheets today though I have had to do some work from home but nothing too taxing. I am so glad to have a day where I can just chill out. I really need it; work has been getting so hectic lately (which is a good thing, the business is booming) and I need some time to relax my mind.

First things first….snow day meant a big stack of pancakes and some vegan hot cocoa. It was so good but quite heavy so we followed breakfast with a two and a half hour nap. Unfortunately though, I was only in that “half-asleep” state where I was trying to sleep while still trying to keep an ear on my phone for calls and emails. Either way a mid-day snuggle with my hubby and the kittens was glorious. Upon waking I wanted something light so I had a green smoothie of course! I may have been frozen the whole time I drank it but still gotta get my greens, no matter what the weather.

After enough time spent inside today we ventured out to see just how much snow had fallen. We walked about a mile around our area and it was a workout! I wish I could walk through deep snow every day, the resistance had me sweating hard.

My regular running route…

Not sure what this goober is doing…

The snow is supposed to continue through early tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can get out and about a little tomorrow afternoon because we get cabin fever easily. Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!!


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