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Another day, another training workout completed: a 4 mile run this morning with some core work on deck for tonight. Today’s run went sooo much better than yesterday’s. I won’t lie, I was kind of nervous after my run yesterday because it was so hard. I felt like I had zero endurance and had lost all of my speed. Fortunately my 4 miles flew by today and I was decently fast. Not as fast as when I run outside, but my regular running trail looks like this right now:

So I am banished to the treadmill. It wasn’t till I started writing this post that I realized why my 3 miles was so crappy yesterday….I did my run right after a tabata workout!! Duh, all of my strength and stamina had been sweat out already….and this is the way it should be. If you can pound out an easy 3 miler after a tabata session then you’re doing it wrong. Tabata workouts are designed to be short, but extremely efficient calorie-torching sessions. You should work out as hard as you physically can during tabata to really get the benefit.

How tabata works: Tabata is a 4 minute workout where you alternate between high and low intensity. Simply plug in the type of workout you are doing and go (ie sprinting, weights, plyometrics, etc)

New Workout (done tabata style)

I completed each round twice for a total 16 minute workout

Round 1 

  • Single leg squats on stability disc (can be done w/o disk. prop one foot behind you on a bed or chair. Squat with the other leg)
  • Alternating Bicep Curls on stability disc
  • Tic toc lunges off stability disc
  • One arm pushups using stability disc

Round 2 

  • Squat to shoulder press (one leg on disc at a time)
  • Tricep raises on disc
  • Side raises and lowers with 20lb weight
  • Crunches on stability disc (tough!!)
I definitely felt a bit like throwing up at the end of this workout…no wonder my run was so tough! If you haven’t invested in a stability disc yet, I strongly encourage you to think about it. They are a fairly inexpensive addition to your home gym.

On another note, I’m still riding high from yesterday’s post about making healthy choices. Not only was it enjoyable to write, but it got me motivated about my health all over again! It’s nice to re-realize passions, whatever they are. In fact, my friend (and old roomie!) and I were texting last night about how fitness can ebb and flow and how wonderful it is when you are able to get really excited about working out. Tabata training has gotten her excited about exercising again while having a training plan is really pumping me up. If you are experiencing a lull in your workout routine maybe it’s time to buy a new workout DVD, take a new class, or pick up a new fitness magazine. You never know what might inspire you and make you really love exercise again (or for the first time!).

And because it’s been a while (or has it?) here is a completely unnecessary and unrelated picture of Sampson in a trashcan:

**Check it out (Fitness & Workout Edition!)**

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6 thoughts on “New Workout

  1. You know ive been waiting on this post! I love your moves you put together! I may take a shot at this routine in the morning!! I love love love this tabata method and I can feel the results so it’s easily keeping me motivated, while also keeping me very aware that I need constant change in my workout!
    I love Sampson in a trash can its cute, but why is he in the trash can!? Lol

    • We were cleaning the apartment this past weekend and I took the bag of trash out and he just jumped right in it! He stayed in the trashcan on the bathroom counter watching us clean for at least 10 minutes. He is a goober!

  2. Sampson! You’re too cute! Where is his name from?

    I am happy you explained Tabata. I have been wondering about it. I went to my strength class last night after running 6 miles. BAD idea. I was wiped. Duh, me.

    You actually have snow! We’ve had hardly any this year (in Chicago). It’s weird.

    • I don’t remember how we came up with that name but it completely fits him! I definitely recommend tabata, it’s a great way to get a tough workout in minimal time. The snow is pretty, but now I am ready for spring. I was excited about running now that it’s light out later but it’s way too icy and dangerous so I am stuck on a treadmill for now.

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