Make Ahead Meal Idea: Salad Shakers

This is one of those posts that really isn’t a big deal, but I still got ridiculously excited while typing it up. I have had this idea in the vault for a while (just check out leaves in the pic below!). When I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I want to improve the blog I asked for suggestions on what you would like see. My friend Alex asked for make ahead meals as she works full-time and is in the midst of marathon training so her weeknights can get a little busy! She mentioned casseroles but I’m not very good at those so I am offering up salad instead. Salad over casseroles you ask? Well, there’s never a bad time for a salad and getting in plenty of veggies will surely help her body recover after those long training runs. Just add in some pre-cooked grains like brown rice or quinoa to really bump up the nutritional quality!

Salad is one of the best  and easiest lunch meals that I bring to work but it is a great option to have on hand for any time. I’m not talking side salad either, I’m talking a gigantic salad that people in my office see and give me crazy looks about. I always prep my lunches the night before to give myself the max amount of sleep-in time in the morning but these could easily be prepped on Sunday evening to be used for dinners during the week. This probably isn’t the most revolutionary idea out there, but here is how I have been making my salads super easy lately!

  • I use these Bell Jar 32 ounce freezer containers to store the salad. A 3 pack is only $4 (available at Walmart & Target) and they keep my salads fresh and crisp for days.

  •  I always prep more than one salad at a time. If I know I want a lunch salad a few times during the week, what’s the point in making a new one every night?? Instead of the “measure twice, cut once” adage of carpentry, I say “prep once, eat twice or thrice!” These containers have kept salads crisp and fresh for up to 5 days.
  • I have a very specific technique that I use for my salads. I love veggie packed salads and I like for my veggies to be on top. So when I’m putting together my salads I chop the veggies first and put them in the bottom of the container.

  • Next add greens of choice and store until needed.

  • When you’re ready for lunch (or dinner), pour dressing into the container.

  • Shake it up (remember those salad shakers McDonald’s used to have?? well this is a much healthier version!) Shake well so the dressing gets evenly distributed.
  • Place on plate like so…

  • Slowly remove container and voila…a beautiful and perfectly dressed salad!

This “technique” works exceptionally well with my favorite Thai veggie salad, but of course you can make it with whatever fixins you prefer. If you have a minute to spare, I would suggest heading over and reading my very own Vegan Testimonial on Ready For Plan B! Peter has been collecting all kinds of testimonials on his blog, so if you’re veg-curious I would recommend checking them out!

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