Raw Food Resources

Hello! Finishing up a higher raw week and feeling fabulous. This week I ate:

Smoothies (classic green smoothie and others-check out recipe page for lots of ideas)

Grawnola, of course

As well as overnight groats. I followed the same basic recipe as regular VOO but used soaked and sprouted buckwheat groats instead of rolled oats. They didn’t soak up the liquid as much but they were still good! (These are cacao-banana-coconut)

And lots of veggie packed salads


I obviously included cooked elements like chickpeas, black beans, and even some pita today. I prefer doing high raw to all raw anyway, it helps me feel more satisfied. The point is not to eliminate cooked foods but to increase the amount of fresh produce consumed. I would say this was a success!

I promised a post with my favorite raw food resources. These are blogs or sites that I go to for inspiration, recipes, and general knowledge about raw foods.

My Favorite Raw Resource

  • Check out my post What Exactly is Higher Raw Anyway? for a little more information
  • I also wrote about Another High Raw Weekend & What I Learned
  • Choosing Raw – Gena is my favorite raw food blogger. She approaches raw food in a sensible way and also abides by the add first, then subtract method to eating raw (and realizes raw food isn’t a “cure all” as many claim, but that it can have positive effects on your life)
  • Kristen’s Raw – Kristen is currently doing a “90 Day Raw Reboot” where she is eating 100% raw. Though I have no desire to do that, her posts are inspiring and you can feel her energy shine through. I have quite a few of her “cook” books that I enjoy: soups, meals, dehydrating, and one book devoted completely to chocolate!
  • Girl on Raw for easy recipe ideas
  • Fitnessista – I follow Gina’s blog for fitness advice but she also has quite a few raw recipes as well
  • Diana Stobo – she has a bevy of fun and quick recipe videos on YouTube that are worth a look if you have some time
  • For The Glow – I have done the For the Glow detox diet and am participating in the Fine Tune February event as well. Jenn has so much great information and higher raw food recipes (she even offers a 7 day raw food cleanse guide). For a no-nonsense and balanced approach to raw foods definitely check her site out
  • Good ol’ fashioned Google!

Happy Friday Everyone! My brother-in-law is flying in from Midway Island today and we are going out to a family dinner…sounds like a great night to me. Have a good weekend.


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