Fitness Recap 2/12

Fitness recaps are back! Again. I was doing them last summer and then forgot. Then I started doing them again at the end of fall…and then forgot. Now I’m bringing them back. Let’s just hope I can remember to keep it up!

This week’s training schedule looked like:

And the actual workouts looked like: 

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Tabata Strength Training and a 3 mile run

Wednesday – 4 mile run

Thursday – off day

Friday – strength training and a 3 mile run

Saturday – method sculpt, method core, 2 mile run

Sunday – 4 mile run; fusion flow yoga stretch

(total miles: 16)

I technically got in all of my workouts, just not on the exact dates scheduled! Just like with my meal planning, I try and stick to my schedule as closely as possible while still giving myself the freedom to switch it up. Some days I just really don’t want to get out of bed at 6:00a.m. (hence the switch between Thurs & Fri workouts). I didn’t do an easy cross train this week, but I want to clarify that I really do mean easy. I’m talking gentle stretching in the form of a short yoga workout or a slow walk around the neighborhood – just something to keep me active while letting my body rest since I am really working it hard again.

Method workouts are something new I am adding to help train my body in a new way and I believe they will help give my body balance. It is a form of exercise that works my muscles differently than regular strength training, leaving them sore but also leaving me feeling long and lean. Yes please!

I must say that I am most proud of my workout from Saturday! I skipped working out in the morning and wouldn’t you know it by the afternoon I was thinking of all kinds of excuses to skip it again. However, instead of regretting missing a workout –  I just did it. I started with just the method sculpt for upper and lower body. Then I was feeling so good I added the core to it as well. After about an hour of sculpting workouts I thought may as well keep going so I did 2 miles of interval sprinting on the treadmill. I honestly felt so good I would have gone for 3 but we had dinner plans. This just goes to show that a workout is always worth it!! I have never regretted working out, only skipping a workout. The hardest part for me is just putting my workout clothes on and getting started. After that I always remember why I love to exercise in the first place. Next time you feel like skipping exercise do yourself a favor and at least do 5 minutes. If after those 5 minutes are up you still want to scrap the workout then go ahead. But I guarantee you 99.99% of the time you will want to keep going. If only I could bottle up that workout and post workout feeling then I would never have a problem!!

Happy Weekends to all!


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