A Day in the Life 2/15

I figured it was time for another peek into my daily eats. I have been toying with the idea of doing this every day but I’m not sure how I would feel about taking pictures of everything all the time or if you’d even be interested in seeing my food intake anyway. I have mainly considered doing this because I think it would be beneficial to show you how I make healthy eating easy and enjoyable. I want to show you that it’s not terrible or hard in the least. I also want to show you that I’m not perfect at it…nobody is. I read a blog post recently about a girl who always felt down on herself because she compared herself to bloggers too much and never felt like she was “as good” at being healthy as them. Then she had the revelation that what you see on blogs is usually nicely packaged to make everything look perfect —- Of course it is! No healthy living blogger wants to admit to a cookie binge or being lazy for an entire week; they edit their lives to show you the good parts. The girl finally realized she could not compare her “behind the scenes” to everyone elses “highlight reel.”

I really loved reading this and thought that maybe If I was open about my day-to-day eats and exercise that you could see it’s possible to be healthy without being 100% all of the time. As I have said before, health ebbs and flows. Sure, during the holidays it will be a lot harder to eat well and workout every day. And sure, a lot of the time you will have that opportunity. Sometimes you will be very into working out and sometimes you will be so lazy that your body actually starts to hurt from inactivity (true story). What matters is that you don’t give up and that you realize every day is a new chance to make healthy choices.

I would love your feedback on the idea of a daily food journal post. I promise to at least try to get better at food photography (sometimes I’m just too hungry to stop and take good pictures) and take pictures with a real camera and not just my phone (which I’m sure is a cardinal sin of blogging!!). I have also considered making it a separate page so you didn’t have to read it if you didn’t want. And of course, I would still keep up with my usual posts in addition to the daily food journal…let me know what you think!

Daily eats on 2/15


  • Simple Apple Oatmeal topped with peanut butter and grawnola
  • Frothy almond milk latte
  • multi-vitamin – I fell out of habit of taking my daily vitamins, but I am really trying hard to do it every day again.


  • Chickpea salad (so good…recipe coming later today)
  • Warmed pita bread
  • La Croix carbonated water


  • Raw macaroon (which I ended up eating right after lunch)
  • Banana (which I ate around 4:30 to give me some fuel for my workout)

Breakfast for Dinner (my favorite!)

(sorry for the terrible picture–I was hungry!)


  • I had one chocolate chip cookie right after dinner

Thoughts – While I wouldn’t consider this a bad day by any means, I’m sure my body would have enjoyed a little more veggies and a little less carbs.

I will be back with 2 great recipes later today!


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 2/15

  1. I like to see what other vegans eat 🙂 I also love the idea of seeing “real” food and “real” days. If every picture was perfect and every day was well-rounded, I wouldn’t be interested because it would be too intimidating.

    You are very motivated and have lots of energy to keep all of this up. Must be the greens!

  2. I have always loved your food pictures, and seeing what you eat daily gives me a better idea of what – and how much – a vegan eats each day. I think it would be great, as long as you include the recipes!

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