New Workout

I’m a little late on this post but I was out with a family emergency yesterday (more on that to come tomorrow). This is a workout I did with my friend Noel yesterday morning. While I do really enjoy running, circuit training is my first fitness love. The results that I get from strength training are second to none…my body responds really well to resistance training by tightening and firming up quickly. Also, nothing makes me feel stronger and sexier than lifting weights!

We did this workout circuit style, meaning minimal rest in between moves. I started out by warming up on the treadmill. We completed the set twice with some cardio in between and after the sets. The workout took a total of one hour to complete (2 sets, plus 3 miles on the treadmill).

New Circuit Workout 

  • Side lunges with shoulder press (x 20 each leg)
  • Midway bicep curls (x 10 each move)
  • Reverse crunches (x 30)
  • Jumping lunges (x 50)
  • Alternating chest presses (x 40)
  • Oblique V-up crunches (x 25/side) these were awesome!
  • Sumo squat with weight (x 30)
  • Tricep dips (x 25)
  • Crunches with legs at 90 degrees (x 30)
  • Superman (x 5) – a good back stretch after core work

Check out the sweat! And the funky hair. I love getting in a hard workout first thing in the morning; it gives me swagger and pep in my step all day long. For more circuit training workouts, check out my fitness page.

I will be back later tonight with a Daily Eats post.


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