Fitness Recap 2/26

This week’s training plan:

This week’s Actual Training

Monday – much-needed rest day

Tuesday – circuit training workout and 3 miles

Wednesday – off

Thursday – 3.25 mile run

Friday – strength workout

Saturday – 5 super fast miles!! 43:08

Sunday – circuit workout (below) and 4 miles

(Total Miles: 15.25)

New Circuit Workout (I will definitely feel sore tomorrow!)

  • Curtsy lunge (x 25/leg)
  • Leg Press (x25/leg)
  • Alternating bicep curls (x 40)
  • Crunch in bridge position (x 30)
  • Squat holding weights (x 30)
  • Pushup to row (x 10/arm)
  • Bicycle crunches (x 40)
  • Reverse lunge with forward kick or knee lift (x 25/leg)
  • Downdog pushups (x 20)
  • Weighted pullover crunch (x 30)
  • Sumo squat to knee-side crunch (x 10/side)
  • Skull crushers (x 20)
  • Matrix lean back (x 15)
  • Deadlift (x 20)
  • Chest flyes (x 20)
  • Plank hold (up to 60 seconds)
  • Side plank holds (x 30sec/side)

I warmed up with a 3 mile run and completed 2 sets (with a 1/2 mile run following each set). I need a nap!! Enjoy the rest of your weekends.


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