New Workout: Kettlebells

Before I get into the goodies of this post, I just want to let you know I have been doing some tweaking and cleaning up of the blog. Check out my new and improved recipe pages that helps keep things a bit more organized. I have also updated my weight-loss/wellness page and my fitness page to include all relevant blog posts to date. All pages can be found at the top of the blog. Let me know what you think! I’m always up for suggestions.

We used a new piece of equipment for our workout this morning – kettlebells. Kettlebells are supposed to be serious calorie torchers, they work the muscles by creating an imbalance during the movement. The kettlebell moves all have funny names, but you can easily look up how to do them on google. Because I am still so sore from Sunday’s workout, I’m not sure how effective the kettlebell moves are…we plan on doing them again Thursday so hopefully I can move without pain by then. 😉

KettleBell Workout 

  • Squat + swing (x 30)
  • One arm pushups (using kettlebell) (x 12/arm)
  • Crunch ups (x 30)
  • Lunge with pass under (x 15/leg)
  • Around the world (x 15 each direction)
  • Windmill (x 10/side)
  • Figure 8 (x 15 each direction)
  • Tricep raise (x 12/arm)
  • Halo circle (x 10 each direction) – I didn’t really like or understand these
  • Static wall squat with bicep curl (hold squat x 20 curls)
  • Russian Twist (x 40)
  • Plank (x 60 seconds)
  • Side planks (x 30 seconds each)
We did the sets twice and I also got in 3 miles (1 before, 1 in between sets, and 1 after). I was dripping sweat by the end of the workout!!

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3 thoughts on “New Workout: Kettlebells

  1. I love love love kettlebells. Love them. Because of the swinging motion, they feel so much easier to use, but they really work you out. And they are so easy to hold! I hope you have fun on Thurs too!

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