Time Warp

It’s just a jump to the left….and then a step to the right….

You know the feeling. TIME WARP. Somehow in the span of only a few minutes it went from being 5:00pm on Friday (woohoo!!) to 8:00am on Monday (boooo). In that entire time I left my apartment once to get veggies for green juice. Other than that I laid around, read, and slept my way through an entire weekend. Sometimes it is really nice to be completely lazy but I hate being so unproductive on my weekends (although I did do a few loads of laundry which is something). I was also able to finish up The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and start The Girl Who Played With Fire. I know I’m a bit behind on these books but they are good! A bit sinister and graphic, but right up my ally as my favorite reads are murder mysteries (same goes with TV shows!). Oh and I started sprouting the seeds for “Operation Wheatgrass” so maybe this weekend wasn’t a total waste.

Another productive task we my husband was able to get done this weekend was capping our cats’ claws (say that 5 times fast!). They are big into scratching our mattress and climbing the curtains at the moment. Thankfully they aren’t ruining our nice furniture, but it is still a bad habit. My husband found some plastic claw covers at PetSmart this weekend and while I was on my long walk yesterday, he trimmed, filed, and capped both cats’ claws!! Talk about the cat whisperer…if this whole police officer thing doesn’t pan out he should become a cat manicurist!

Two happily pedicured kitties

On another time warp note, I woke up today and I could swear we have warped to Spring. It feels so amazing outside! However, this being Colorado I know that a day of snow and cold is probably right around the corner…but a girl can dream!

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I have nothing intelligent to share with you today…after an energetic and hopeful morning I have slipped back into a sickness induced fog and zombie-like state, however I do have a few exciting posts and recipes to share this week, including a daily eats post later today.

In the meantime, check it out:

Last day to sign up for Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp – both my workout partner Noel and I are doing this 8 week long program and it starts today…check it out (it involves weekly prizes and an overall cash prize of $1000 to two winners!)

March Method Madness from Jenn at For the Glow – this is a FREE plan for the month of March, designed to change your body and your life (I Love Jenn!); the calendar for the first 5 days is here

Ways to Make it a Marvelous March from Fitnessista – count me in on one green meal a day!

4 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers – from Yahoo! Shine

Plant Based Power from Brendan Braizer – a high performance vegan athelite

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers from Healthy Happy Life (um, yum!!!)

For Fun – 14 Absurd Fitness Products from Someecards


2 thoughts on “Time Warp

  1. I hope you’ll post an update at some point about whether those claw-caps work out. I’ve thought about capping my cats’ claws, but have read about other cats losing them or chewing them off in a matter of days.

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