My Eating Philosophy

I am so glad to see that so many people are enjoying my daily eats posts. I decided to start posting them on a lark and have gotten great feedback. Seems you all are interested in what vegans eat after all!! I definitely want to prove to you that vegan foods can be delicious, filling, and oh-so-nourishing.

My eating philosophy is that vegan+whole foods+mostly fresh produce = best for my body. Of course, I do eat junk food and fast food every now and again but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that overall consistency is key. You should definitely eat foods that you enjoy but most of the time make sure you eat foods that are good for you. Fortunately, vegan food usually allows me to do both!

I try to load up on the produce and base my meals off of that. The more color, the better (although you just can’t ever have too much green).

In no particular order (although oats do top the list) are some of the foods I eat most often as a vegan:

Oats (both hot oatmeal and cold overnight oats)


Green smoothies

And all colors of smoothies of course


Freshly made green juice

Giant salads




Bean & Grain Dishes


I also eat tons of other food including (but certainly not limited to) veggie burgers, any variation of sweet potatoes, tofu, tempeh, hummus, fresh-baked goods, vegan pizzas and ice cream, and any kind of raw treats I can make at home. I hope this shows you that vegan food choices go way beyond boring salads and fake meats.

What is your eating philosophy? If you don’t have one…maybe it’s time. 


7 thoughts on “My Eating Philosophy

  1. Do you ever use Maca Root? We just ordered some and it smells and tastes pretty horrible so now we’re making it into pills to take in the morning!

      • Yeah the smell is worse than the flavor so we figured by making pills and taking it with juice in the morning we’d be getting the amount we need and not having to suffer at all! Making the pills from the dried powder is a lot of work but a lot cheaper than buying the pills!

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