Durango or Bust

Well I can finally tell you. I hinted at it with my March goals and I teased you even more in last week’s March Makeover post.

It’s official….we are moving! My husband has been hired on with the La Plata County sheriff’s department in Durango, Colorado.

He starts work Monday. Yes, as in this coming Monday. He is driving down Sunday and staying with a friend who lives in the area. And me?? I will be staying behind to finish out our lease, pack, and wrap some things up with work.

I’m pretty much a pro at moving. I lived in 7 different places in college (8 if you count my brief move to Minnesota). I packed up our entire house in Arkansas and with my Dad’s help moved out here after my husband had already moved. And then while he was in Afghanistan last  year, I packed up our apartment by myself and did it again!! So it’s not too big of a deal that once again I find myself the majority packer. I’m just better at it. Plus loading and unloading is all him. 😉

Fortunately, even though it all happened so quickly, everything is coming together. Our apartments let us out of our newly renewed lease free of charge (miracle of all miracles) and as long as my husband likes what he sees on Sunday we have a place to live in Durango! I finally spoke with my boss yesterday (the whole reason I waited to publically broadcast the move) and my work is going to let me work from home in Durango for a few months. He says 3-4 max probably…they have to hire someone, train them, and wait until they are really ready to take over the job. I have been at my current place of work for over 2.5 years and doing my present job for about 1.5 years. I am the office manager/customer service manager for a foot & ankle medical device company. It’s an odd job (considering I have a degree in History) but I like it and I really like my bosses. I am so appreciative of them letting me work from home. Financial security during cross-state move = so much less to stress about!!

Now that all of the “biggies” are taken care of I can sit back and actually be happy and excited about this new adventure! We have always wanted to live in the mountains but never thought it would happen so soon. I haven’t actually been to Durango before but I have heard nothing but wonderful things. Looks like we will be so close to hiking, rafting, mountain biking, hot springs, and many more activities…it’s a perfect fit for us!

Do me a favor and just do an image search for Durango…um, yeah. I could not be more excited to get out of the metro area and into some real open space.


We will be fully moving down the first week in April…I need to get packing!


5 thoughts on “Durango or Bust

  1. Awesome. How exciting! Durango looks lovely. I love mountains – we live in them too :). Glad everything is working out so well for you. Happy packing!

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