Daily Vegan Eats 3/26

As I mentioned earlier, I have decided to suspend the cleanse for now. Also, I am a big, fat liar! I said I would come out of the cleanse gracefully and that did not happen. I ate so much yesterday and topped the day off with an unnecessary indulgence (I say unnecessary because I wasn’t even hungry…but I ate it anyway!). I guess things could have been worse…I could have gotten fast food for every meal and dove headfirst into a bag of chips. Regardless of how healthy some of the food may have been (all vegan, all homemade), it was still too much, too soon and left me feeling bogged down, bloated, and just plain bad.


  • Shot of fresh wheatgrass
  • Oatmeal with strawberries, 1/2 banana, and cinnamon. Topped with raw granola and coconut.
  • That’s not a coffee!! It is an iced Teeccino with almond milk (an herbal coffee that is caffeine free and non-acidic). Trying to stay away from the coffee since I realized I don’t even need it.


  • Veggie-ful pasta salad. (this is my spin on the spring cleanse Superfood Pesto Pasta. I added a ton more veggies and kept them fresh and raw)
  • Recipe coming later today


  • Apple
  • 1/2 bottle of Kombucha
  • Wasn’t even hungry….ate anyway


  • Buffalo tofu pita pocket
  • Sweet potato fries
  • I wasn’t even very hungry, yet I sat down and ate the entire meal…plus more sweet potato fries!
  • I didn’t take a picture, but for dessert I had some coconut milk ice cream with Oreos crushed in to make a vegan “cookies-n-cream” ice cream bowl. It is the best thing ever. However, I was not even remotely hungry…I was actually so stuffed that I considered not making it but I did anyway and ate the whole damn bowl.

To top everything off for the day, I didn’t drink enough water and had too much carbonated water…which only added to the ridiculously full and bloated feeling. I slept poorly last night and woke up still feeling the effects of overindulging. But hey, I’m realistic enough to know that these days happen and it won’t be the last time I overdo it. However, today I am going to be smarter about what I put into my body. I simply feel better when I eat more cleanly. Tomorrow I will share with you what I do to come back from overindulgence (hint: no starving myself involved!).


One thought on “Daily Vegan Eats 3/26

  1. Great reminder that even if it is vegan and homemade it can still be too much. I’m thinking about my day….thanks for sharing your eats!

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