No Equipment + Fun Run Workout

I have a new workout for you…my first in a while! This morning, I had my husband drop me off at a trail in town so I could get in a workout while he went to the gym. I am still trying to decide if I want to join the gym as well or not…I’ve never really been a “gym” person, but now that I work from home full time (oh yeah, I got a job!) it might be a good reason to get out of the house.

But for those of you who don’t belong to a gym or don’t have any at-home exercise equipment, I have a workout for you! Today I simply combined a run along the river with some easy no-equipment-necessary strength moves.


All decked out and ready to go

I set out on the trail and for every mile I ran, I stopped to do the following moves:

Quick Workout

  • 25 plié squats
  • 20 reverse lunges with knee lift (per leg)
  • 20 pushups
  • 20 tricep dips
  • 30 v-up crunches
  • 20 oblique v-up crunches (per side)
  • Plank for 60 seconds
  • Side planks for up to 60 seconds

I ended up running 4 miles and doing this workout 4 times. Then – because my husband was late to pick me up – I added in another mile of sprints at the end (my fastest sprint pace was 4:14….yes, I’m faster than a Kenyan, if only for 1/8 of a mile at a time). Not a bad workout!! The whole thing took me around an hour and ten minutes.

No need to run 4 miles to make this a good workout. If you only feel like running 2, simply stop for the workout moves every 1/2 mile or so. Make it fit with your schedule and fitness level!

It was super cold, windy, and cloudy today. Otherwise, I can tell that this will be a great trail for my longer training runs.


After the workout, we headed downtown and it started to rain/snow…good thing I got my workout in early!


We went to a restaurant with a friend and I had some veggie chili that warmed me right up. It reminded me a lot of a black bean chili that I like to make, except it also had kidney beans, pinto beans, and chickpeas…I need to recreate that!


Tonight we are chilling at home while the snow falls outside. My hubby is about to have a 4 day workweek (he works 12 hours a day) and I need to get set up for my new job. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend….I hope to be back sometime soon with some house pictures.


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