Fitness Recap 4/29 + Haflin Creek Trail Hike

Just a day late with my weekly fitness recap…I’ll take it! This week I was decidedly less “hardcore” with my workouts than last week. I’m dealing with something in my knee…not sure what’s going on but I am going to take it a little easier until it’s back to normal again. I’m still gonna keep up with my toning workouts and walking but I will probably be running less overall just to give it a break.

Monday – 2 mile trail walk (active rest day)

Tuesday – 4 mile interval run; Brazilian Buttlift DVD workouts: Cardio Axe plus High & Tight

Wednesday – 2.5 mile trail walk; Lean Arms Pyramid Workout (with shoulder presses and bent over rows added in) along with a killer abs circuit

Thursday – off day

Friday – New TIU 8 toning moves workout with extra ab work thrown in

Saturday – 2 mile run; yoga (hello stretching!)

Sunday – Haflin Creek Trail Hike


Haflin Creek Trail Hike

I’m always in the back so I can A) take a lot of pictures without holding up the group and B) so no one will hear how hard I’m panting!!


Beautiful views of the valley



This pic is deceptive…it was uphill all the way!


Steve’s smile is also deceptive…he’s not a fan of pictures


Garrett, Brittany, and Zulu just hanging




Steve making everyone nervous by sitting on the edge


Yes that is a brace on my knee…better safe than sorry


Brittany & I just sitting like bumps on a log



I’m already itching for another hike…hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday!


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