Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a wonderful weekend. Sometimes (with my husband working/sleeping all the time) I tend to lay low but I made sure to get out and about this weekend and really soak up the beautiful weather (on Saturday & Sunday at least). Friday night was spent working…one of the downfalls of working at home is that you are always at work. I caught up on some stuff and reorganized all of my files, which was much needed. I also finally bought an office chair and put that together. I didn’t get finished with work until 10:30 Friday night! Oh well, it’s better than just watching TV.

On Saturday morning, I headed to town and got contacts. I wore them for about 6 years when I was younger and then ever since college I have mainly worn glasses. I will get a box now and then to wear for special occasions like our wedding/honeymoon, but I haven’t been consistent about wearing them in a long time. I figured it was time to get some so I don’t have to worry about my glasses with all of the hiking/backpacking/swimming/rafting we plan to do this summer…I don’t want to be constantly worrying that I will lose or break my glasses! Plus contacts allow me to be able to wear sunglasses which is always a bonus.

I feel so weird! Even my husband has a hard time getting used to me with contacts, I have worn glasses 95% of the time since we met…


I spent a good amount of time hanging around downtown this weekend too. It hasn’t gotten crazy from “tourist season” yet so being downtown is actually quite enjoyable. We went to a great sale at an outfitting store and my husband was able to buy some much needed hiking boots plus we got a new stove for backpacking. There was soooo much I wanted to buy for camping but I tried to remember “want vs. need” so I didn’t break the bank! Fortunately I have everything I need for camping and hiking.

photo (23)

I also spent sometime downtown yesterday at the Taste of Durango, a food-festival featuring all of the local restaurant’s food and beers. I don’t drink and it was so hot that I didn’t feel like sampling any of the food anyway, but it was fun to walk around.

Funny story about downtown…my husband and I have always said that when we buy a house we want land in the country. However, we love Durango so much that we were considering buying a house on one of the cute historic streets near downtown. That is, until I walked around this weekend picking fliers and realized the houses cost upwards of $1,000,000!! Not quite in our price range. Buying a house really isn’t in our immediate future anyway so hopefully something a little smaller (and cheaper!) will open up when we are ready.

Love the tree-lined street

photo (22)

I had some time to enjoy a couple of my favorite recipes this weekend too. I really do make the recipes that I post on the blog. That’s why I haven’t posted many new dishes lately…I’m too busy eating the old ones!

Mean Green Mango Smoothie

photo (24)

Chickpea-Quinoa Salad

photo (25)

One of the most exciting things to happen this weekend was that I finally got new running shoes!! I have been battling this knee pain for a couple months now and it just dawned on my that my shoes might be the culprit. I haven’t bought new running shoes since last August (whoops!) and have trained for and run 2 half-marathons plus countless other miles in my old pair. I remember having bad hip pain last summer that disappeared once I bought a new pair of shoes so hopefully it will help my knee pain out too, even if just a little.

Brooks GTS (my old pair were Brooks as well)

photo (26)

I tested them out this morning and felt good, only time will tell if they help my knees. Speaking of this morning….I overslept by an hour and had a raging headache. I didn’t sleep well at all last night thanks to two cantankerous kitties and seriously considered skipping my morning workout. Thankfully I remembered that I always feel better after some sweat so I got my booty up and out the door to the gym. An hour later and I felt fantastic!! Now I will be happier and more confident for the rest of the day. As they say, “the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do.”

Post workout sweat/glow


 What was the highlight of your weekend?


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