Engineer Mountain (Fail)

Otherwise known as “From waist-deep snow to a bikini in just a few hours”

Yesterday we geared up and headed north of town to hike what we thought would be 4-6 hours of trail on Engineer Mountain. We got about an hour in and the trail was covered in snow still…just because it’s warm in town doesn’t mean it’s summer on the mountain yet. After the 3rd or 4th time of falling through the snow packed trail (my entire leg was buried in snow) I decided that I wasn’t really having fun and that we should come back later in the summer when the trail is clear (and safe).

I really can’t wait to return though as even just the drive to the trail and what little we were able to hike was breathtakingly gorgeous.











There will be more pictures and views next time we hike this trail (say, late July?).

Because the snowy trail was a bust, I ended up down at the river in our neighborhood for some sunshine. I love that in Colorado I can go from waist deep snow to lounging in a bikini in the same day.




For our next hike we will be smarter in picking a location that is actually hike-able! You live and learn.

Winking smile

Happy Friday, do you have any fun plans for the holiday weekend?


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